Monckton Chambers is recognised as a pre-eminent set in all areas of EU Law.  Members regularly advise and litigate on behalf of private sector clients, the UK and government departments, local authorities, NGOs, the EU institutions and non-UK clients including other Member States, and have acted in many of the leading EU law cases.

We can offer specialists at every level of seniority, from leading QCs with decades of experience to junior tenants, several of whom have worked within the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and other EU institutions.  We are able to provide teams of barristers to suit every type of EU law case.

EU Relations Law

On 31 January 2020, the UK left the EU. No longer an EU Member State, the UK’s relationship with the EU has altered fundamentally. Monckton Chambers specialises in all aspects of the new arrangements between the EU and UK post Brexit.

EU Relations Law is the developing area of law concerning all aspects of the new relationship between the EU and the UK post Brexit. This includes the potential for private parties to assert rights and/or bring claims based on legal agreements concluded between the UK and EU. It also includes the potential for legal disputes between the EU and UK. The implementation and transposition of the new arrangements gives rise to potential disputes between citizens and the respective executives.

The new relationship is governed by new legal instruments, both international and domestic.

As a matter of international law, the originating source of those laws and rights is (at least for now) the Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and the UK, which entered into force on the 1 February 2020. That Agreement comprises two aspects: the Withdrawal Agreement itself (including the Protocol on Northern Ireland) and a political declaration. It is that political declaration which, in time, is to develop into another – more comprehensive – agreement between the EU and the UK. That is likely to be the originating source of a considerable body of law, for a considerable time.

As a matter of domestic law, the rights and obligations arising under the Withdrawal Agreement have been implemented within the UK (a dualist state) under the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 and the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020.

Recognised as pre-eminent specialists in EU law and public and administrative law, members of Monckton Chambers are well placed to advise in all of these areas. We can offer specialists at every level of seniority, from leading QCs with decades of experience to junior tenants, several of whom have worked within EU and UK institutions.

Members of Monckton Chambers have also been involved in advice and litigation concerning all aspects of Brexit leading up to the new relationship between the UK and the EU. For example, members were instructed in the Miller and Wightman cases concerning Article 50 TEU and have advised a multitude of private and public bodies concerning all aspects of the Brexit process. Members are now actively engaged in advising a range of private and public bodies on all aspects of the new UK-EU relationship, EU Relations Law.

Members of Monckton Chambers have launched a website and blog covering all matters related to EU Relations Law, which can be viewed at

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    Tim Ward KC
    Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
    Philip Moser KC
    Call: 1992  | Silk: 2012
    Lord Bellamy KC
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    Christopher Vajda KC
    Call: 1979  | Silk: 1997
    Melanie Hall KC
    Call: 1982  | Silk: 2002
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    Call: 1984  | Silk: 2002
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    Call: 1988  | Silk: 2006
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    Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
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    Call: 1996  | Silk: 2011
    Kassie Smith KC
    Call: 1995  | Silk: 2013
    Ian Rogers KC
    Call: 1995  | Silk: 2014
    George Peretz KC
    Call: 1990  | Silk: 2015
    Meredith Pickford KC
    Call: 1999  | Silk: 2015
    Gerry Facenna KC
    Call: 2001  | Silk: 2016
    Josh Holmes KC
    Call: 1997  | Silk: 2017
    Robert Palmer KC
    Call: 1998  | Silk: 2019
    Ronit Kreisberger KC
    Call: 1999  | Silk: 2019
    Valentina Sloane KC
    Call: 2000  | Silk: 2019
    Rob Williams KC
    Call: 2000  | Silk: 2020
    Anneli Howard KC
    Call: 2002  | Silk: 2021
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    Call: 2003  | Silk: 2023
    Andrew Macnab
    Call: 1986
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