Competition law overview

Monckton Chambers is acknowledged as a pre-eminent set in all areas of competition law.

We offer specialists at every level of seniority, to suit every type of competition law case. Our members are recognised leaders in their field, who consistently appear in the leading competition cases in both the European and domestic courts.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Antitrust (Article 101 TFEU/Chapter I Competition Act 1998 and Article 102 TFEU/Chapter 2 Competition Act 1998)
  • Class actions
  • Fast track competition claims.
  • Mergers
  • Public undertakings;
  • Specific sectoral regimes, including telecommunications; utilities (gas, electricity, and water); health; and financial services
  • State aid

We advise and represent clients on proceedings in a wide range of contexts, including:

Members act in competition law actions and inquiries in many countries around the world (including in Hong Kong), and in international competition law arbitrations and mediations: see here for a list of arbitrators. As well representing clients members also act as expert witnesses on UK and EU competition law.

See individual CVs for details of members’ recent and significant cases.

Members of Monckton Chambers write, edit and/or contribute to numerous leading competition law publications and periodicals, including:

  • Lindsay & Berridge, The EU Merger Regulation: Substantive Issues (5th ed., 2017);
  • Bellamy & Child, European Union Law of Competition (8th ed., 2018, and updates);
  • Brealey, Competition Litigation: UK Practice and Procedure (2nd ed., 2019).

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    Competition barristers

    Tim Ward KC
    Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
    Philip Moser KC
    Call: 1992  | Silk: 2012
    Lord Bellamy KC
    Call: 1968  | Silk: 1986
    Christopher Vajda KC
    Call: 1979  | Silk: 1997
    Mark Brealey KC
    Call: 1984  | Silk: 2002
    Michael Bowsher KC
    Call: 1985  | Silk: 2006
    Jon Turner KC
    Call: 1988  | Silk: 2006
    Paul Harris KC
    Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
    Daniel Beard KC
    Call: 1996  | Silk: 2011
    Kassie Smith KC
    Call: 1995  | Silk: 2013
    Ian Rogers KC
    Call: 1995  | Silk: 2014
    George Peretz KC
    Call: 1990  | Silk: 2015
    Meredith Pickford KC
    Call: 1999  | Silk: 2015
    Gerry Facenna KC
    Call: 2001  | Silk: 2016
    Josh Holmes KC
    Call: 1997  | Silk: 2017
    Robert Palmer KC
    Call: 1998  | Silk: 2019
    Ronit Kreisberger KC
    Call: 1999  | Silk: 2019
    Rob Williams KC
    Call: 2000  | Silk: 2020
    Anneli Howard KC
    Call: 2002  | Silk: 2021
    Ben Lask KC
    Call: 2003  | Silk: 2023
    Andrew Macnab
    Call: 1986
    Ben Rayment
    Call: 1996
    Julian Gregory
    Call: 2000
    Alan Bates
    Call: 2003
    Brendan McGurk
    Call: 2004
    Philip Woolfe
    Call: 2004
    Ewan West
    Call: 2006
    Fiona Banks
    Call: 2006
    Ligia Osepciu
    Call: 2008
    Conor McCarthy
    Call: 2010
    Stefan Kuppen
    Call: 2013
    David Gregory
    Call: 2014
    James Bourke
    Call: 2014
    Jack Williams
    Call: 2015
    Imogen Proud
    Call: 2015
    Ciar McAndrew
    Call: 2016
    Harry Gillow
    Call: 2017
    Will Perry
    Call: 2018
    Alfred Artley
    Call: 2018
    Jenn Lawrence
    Call: 2021