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Monckton Chambers has a leading-edge practice in telecommunications and electronic communications generally.  Our barristers regularly appear in the leading telecommunications cases for mobile and fixed line telecommunications companies, broadcasters, content providers and Office of Communications (Ofcom).

In addition to extensive experience of advising on legal issues specific to the communications industry, members of Monckton Chambers are able to draw on their expertise in related areas such as competition law, EU law, and other public and regulatory law.

We are accordingly able to advise on and act in all telecommunications matters, from appeals under the Communications Act, through damages actions and applications for injunctions in the High Court, to judicial review challenges of regulatory decisions and EU legislation in the domestic and Community Courts.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Mobile networks
  • Broadcasting/telecommunications convergence
  • Bundling of TV/telecoms services
  • Business direct exchange lines services
  • Communications Act
  • Competition Act (including margin squeeze, predatory pricing, price discrimination and anti-competitive agreements)
  • Consumer issues in telecommunications services
  • Contractual issues in telecommunications services
  • EU Communications Directives
  • GSM gateways
  • Internet services
  • Landing of cables
  • Licensing of intellectual property, standards setting and FRAND
  • Local loop unbundling
  • Open access agreements
  • Personal number services
  • Premium rate services
  • Radio base station backhaul circuits
  • Siting of masts
  • Termination charges to fixed and mobile networks
  • VoIP (voice over internet protocol)
  • Wireless Telegraphy Acts


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Telecommunications barristers

Tim Ward QC
Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
Sir Christopher Bellamy QC
Call: 1968  | Silk: 1986
Christopher Vajda QC
Call: 1979  | Silk: 1997
Melanie Hall QC
Call: 1982  | Silk: 2002
Michael Bowsher QC
Call: 1985  | Silk: 2006
Tim Ward QC
Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
Jon Turner QC
Call: 1988  | Silk: 2006
Paul Harris QC
Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
Daniel Beard QC
Call: 1996  | Silk: 2011
Kassie Smith QC
Call: 1995  | Silk: 2013
George Peretz QC
Call: 1990  | Silk: 2015
Meredith Pickford QC
Call: 1999  | Silk: 2015
Gerry Facenna QC
Call: 2001  | Silk: 2016
Josh Holmes QC
Call: 1997  | Silk: 2017
Robert Palmer QC
Call: 1998  | Silk: 2019
Ronit Kreisberger QC
Call: 1999  | Silk: 2019
Rob Williams QC
Call: 2000  | Silk: 2020
Anneli Howard QC
Call: 2002  | Silk: 2021
Gregory Pipe
Call: 1995
Ben Rayment
Call: 1996
Julian Gregory
Call: 2000
Alan Bates
Call: 2003
Ben Lask
Call: 2003
Philip Woolfe
Call: 2004
Ewan West
Call: 2006
Fiona Banks
Call: 2006
Ligia Osepciu
Call: 2008
Stefan Kuppen
Call: 2013
David Gregory
Call: 2014
Jack Williams
Call: 2015
Imogen Proud
Call: 2015