What we offer

Monckton Chambers offers pupillage for twelve months, non-practising, full time, beginning in October of each year. The award is £75,000. We take up to three pupils per year. Monckton Chambers recruits pupils selectively in the expectation of being able to offer all pupils tenancy, should they meet the required standard. On average, between 80 and 90% of pupils are offered tenancy.

If you are offered and accept tenancy, Monckton Chambers will support and assist financial planning by offering an interest-free

loan of £36,000, payable during the first six months of tenancy in monthly instalments. The loan is repayable within two years of the first draw down. In addition, new tenants do not have to pay room rent until after they reach the value of their pupillage award of £75,000.

Several Members of Chambers have come to us via a non-standard route – for example having previously worked at NGOs, as solicitors, academics or civil servants.

Case study

Why I chose Monckton Chambers

In this video, Imogen Proud, pupil at Monckton in 2015-2017 and now a tenant of 7 years call, explains why she chose our chambers.

Special pupillages & hosting arrangements

We may exceptionally be prepared to offer a shortened period of pupillage to an individual who has already completed part of his or her minimum 12 months of pupillage elsewhere (whether through a period of pupillage or through legal training that has been accepted by the Bar Standards Board as standing in lieu of a particular period of pupillage).  We may also occasionally agree to host a pupil of another pupillage training organisation (such as the Government Legal Service) for a period of his or her pupillage, provided that the pupil in question does not intend to seek a tenancy at Monckton Chambers.  Any enquiries about such arrangements should be made in writing to the Head of Chambers.  Such arrangements can, of course, be considered only where compatible with all relevant professional rules.