How to apply

We are looking for candidates of the highest intellectual calibre. Most successful candidates for pupillage will have a First Class Honours degree (although it need not be in law).

We do not, however, require candidates to have any experience or expertise in the areas in which we practice, merely an interest in and enthusiasm for the work that we do. We welcome applications from candidates who have degrees in subjects other than law and are taking (or have taken) the GDL.

It is not only intellectual skills that we are looking for: we are seeking candidates with the personal skills to win the trust of clients and judges alike. Monckton Chambers is a dynamic place to work. Members actively engage in speaking at conferences and seminars, in London and internationally, and in contributing to a variety of publications, ranging from our own marketing materials, to specialist journals and practitioner texts. We are looking for junior tenants who will bring real energy to Chambers.

Applications should be made through the Pupillage Gateway. Pupils generally apply in the year preceding the October in which pupillage is due to start. We are willing to consider, however, both applications for pupillages starting in the same year as the application is made and applications for a one year deferral.

The application timetable for pupillages commencing Autumn 2024 is now closed.

The application timetable for pupillages commencing Autumn 2025 is as follows:

  • 3rd January 2024 – Gateway opens for applications
  • 7th February 2024 – Gateway closes
  • Early March – early May 2024 – Pupillage interviews at Monckton Chambers
  • 10th May 2024 – Offers of pupillage will be made.

The possibility of starting pupillage in the year of application is limited to applicants who will have completed their legal qualification and Bar School course in time. Any Gateway applicants who would be qualified and interested in commencing pupillage in the October of their application year should inform chambers when they make their application.

Please read Pupillage Privacy Notice.

Tips for applying

Monckton Members offer their tips on applying for pupillage.