Tips on applying

Some of our junior members have put together tips on applying for pupillage.

Julian Gregory

The second round interview is a problem question. Nobody walks away thinking they’ve nailed it, even those of us who got in! The whole point is to challenge your reasoning, so whatever answer you give, the panel will query it. If you think you’ve messed up one question, take a breath, keep your confidence up, and go again on the next one. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, you might be doing really well. And it can actually be fun!

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Imogen Proud

Tip 1: Start your application form early, and ask everyone you know to review it.

Tip 2: Don’t give up hope in an interview; if you are finding it tough that may well mean the panel are impressed and want to put you through your paces.

Tip 3: Find out as much about the Chambers in advance as you can – remember you are choosing them just as much as they are choosing you, so you need to be confident you will be happy there.

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