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Energy & utilities regulation

Members of Monckton Chambers’ act both for regulators and for the regulated in the energy & utilities industries as well as representing environmental organisations and concerned individuals. The regulated sectors of which members have experience include airports, electricity, gas, postal services, rail, telecommunications and water. Whether it is price spikes in the electricity market or consultation on new nuclear power, the development of renewables or modifying the gas network, we have been called upon to advise and act in a wide range of cases for a variety of clients.

Our expertise in EU law gives us a particular awareness of the impact and importance of EU provisions. Our public & administrative law knowledge ensures we can identify where the pitfalls lie in decision-making processes. These combined with our competition expertise and experience in the sector mean we are in a very strong position to provide advice and representation.

Members regularly act for regulated companies, the sector-specific regulators (CAA, Coal Authority, Ofcom, Ofgem, Ofwat, ORR and Postcomm) and other industry participants at administrative hearings as well as appearing in the Administrative Court, Competition Appeal Tribunal, Competition Commission, the Court of Appeal, House of Lords and European Court of Justice in cases concerning utility regulation.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  •  Administrative penalties for breaches of licence conditions and failure to meet performance standards
  • EU Regulations and Directives
  • Gas and Electricity Acts
  • Water Industry Act
  • Railways Act
  • Transport Act
  • Airports Act
  • Postal Services Act
  • Pricing regulation
  • Licence and industry code modification issues
  • Universal service obligations
  • Network access issues
  • Water supply licensing
  • Water Resale Order
  • Water mergers

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Energy & utilities regulation barristers

Tim Ward QC
Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
Sir Christopher Bellamy QC
Call: 1968  | Silk: 1986
Christopher Vajda QC
Call: 1979  | Silk: 1997
Michael Bowsher QC
Call: 1985  | Silk: 2006
Tim Ward QC
Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
Jon Turner QC
Call: 1988  | Silk: 2006
Paul Harris QC
Call: 1994  | Silk: 2011
Daniel Beard QC
Call: 1996  | Silk: 2011
Kassie Smith QC
Call: 1995  | Silk: 2013
George Peretz QC
Call: 1990  | Silk: 2015
Meredith Pickford QC
Call: 1999  | Silk: 2015
Gerry Facenna QC
Call: 2001  | Silk: 2016
Josh Holmes QC
Call: 1997  | Silk: 2017
Robert Palmer QC
Call: 1998  | Silk: 2019
Ronit Kreisberger QC
Call: 1999  | Silk: 2019
Valentina Sloane QC
Call: 2000  | Silk: 2019
Rob Williams QC
Call: 2000  | Silk: 2020
Anneli Howard QC
Call: 2002  | Silk: 2021
Andrew Macnab
Call: 1986
Ben Rayment
Call: 1996
Julian Gregory
Call: 2000
Alan Bates
Call: 2003
Ben Lask
Call: 2003
Brendan McGurk
Call: 2004
Philip Woolfe
Call: 2004
Ewan West
Call: 2006
Fiona Banks
Call: 2006
Ligia Osepciu
Call: 2008
Stefan Kuppen
Call: 2013
David Gregory
Call: 2014
Jack Williams
Call: 2015