Heathrow launches appeal against CAA price control decision

19 May 2023

Heathrow has launched an appeal against the recent decision of the Civil Aviation Authority (the “CAA”) to modify the price control terms of Heathrow’s economic licence.

As an airport regulated by the CAA, Heathrow is subject to a price control on the amount which it can charge users for the facilities. This charge is decided by the CAA and normally reviewed every 5 years. The latest price control, for the period known as H7, contains the decision which is subject to appeal.

Permission to appeal has been granted by the Competition and Markets Authority (the “CMA”). The CMA is required by statute to determine the appeal by 17 October 2023.

British Airways, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Airways have also been granted permission by the CMA to appeal the CAA’s price control decision.

Daniel Beard KC, Josh Holmes KC, Philip Woolfe, Stefan Kuppen and Jenn Lawrence are advising Heathrow.

George Peretz KC is advising the CAA.

Rob Williams KC and Jonathan Lewis are advising the CMA.

Alfred Artley is advising British Airways.