Daniel Beard KC

Daniel Beard KC

Call: 1996 | 2018 (Ireland) | Silk: 2011

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    MA (Hons) Cambridge (First Class) Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), Oxford

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    Daniel Beard is widely regarded as one of the Bar’s leading specialists in competition, EU, regulatory and public law. He is noted as a “first rate” advocate.

    He has appeared in courts from Haverfordwest to the Falkland Islands. He regularly appears in High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in the UK as well as in the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

    In EU law matters, Daniel has appeared in a large number of cases in the Court of Justice and General Court in Luxembourg.

    He acts in arbitrations and his work has developed in various international jurisdictions including in the Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Daniel has won various awards for his work including Chambers and Partners EU and Competition Silk of the year and Legal 500 EU/Competition Silk of the Year.

    Prior to taking silk, Daniel was a member of the Attorney General’s A Panel and standing Counsel to the Office of Fair Trading.

    • News
    • Competition law & utilities regulation

      Daniel is recognised as an outstanding competition and regulatory lawyer and has appeared in and advised upon many of the leading cases over recent years. He appears regularly in the Courts and the Competition Appeal Tribunal both for private clients and regulators in damages actions, judicial review challenges and infringement appeals.


      Damage actions in which he is or has been involved include:

      • air cargo (Emerald v BA);
      • gas insulated switchgear (National Grid v ABB);
      • electrical carbon cartel (Emerson v Morgan Crucible);
      • synthetic rubber (Cooper Tire v Shell);
      • methionine (Moy Park v Degussa);
      • generic drugs (NHS v Norton);
      • pay-for-delay (NHS v Servier);
      • rail haulage (ECSL v EWS);
      • water services (Albion v Dwr Cymru);
      • copper tubes (KME v Toshiba);
      • copper fittings (Newson v IMI); and
      • interchange fees (M&S v Mastercard/Visa).

      As a result of his very extensive involvement in damages claims (both for defendants and claimants), Daniel has a great deal of experience with multi-national and domestic proceedings from pre-litigation preparation through to full trial including dealing with jurisdictional (conflicts of laws) issues.

      Mergers and market investigations

      Daniel has a great deal of experience of merger and market investigation and advisory work. He has appeared in the majority of UK merger and market investigation cases litigated over the past decade. Cases include:

      • Interbrew v MMC (Interbrew/Bass);
      • IBA v OFT (Isoft/Torex);
      • Sky v Competition Commission (Sky/ITV);
      • Eventim v Competition Commission (LiveNation/Ticketmaster);
      • Ryanair v OFT (Ryanair/Aer Lingus);
      • Tesco v Competition Commission (groceries investigation);
      • BAA v Competition Commission (airports inquiry);
      • Hanson v Competition Commission (aggregates);
      • BMI v Competition Commission (private health care);
      • AKZO v Competition Commission (AKZO/Metlac); and
      • SCOP/Eurotunnel v Competition Commission (MyFerryLink)

      CAT Appeals

      Daniel has very extensive experience in CAT litigation and has acted in numerous CAT appeal cases including:

      • GISC v OFT(insurance);
      • Apex v OFT (roofing);
      • Brannigan v OFT (newspapers); and
      • Kier and others v OFT (construction).

      Utilities regulation

      Daniel has a broad knowledge of utilities regulation particularly in the energy and telecommunications and media fields. In relation to energy matters, for example, apart from advising regularly on regulatory issues he has acted in the only energy licence modification reference considered by the Competition Commission (the market abuse condition reference) and in the only licence modification appeal to go to hearing (Eon v GEMA) as well as dealing with various regulatory judicial review matters.

      In relation to media and telecommunications he has been involved in telecommunications appeals before the CAT such as BT v Ofcom (0880 and 0845 numbers); general media appeals such as Sky v Ofcom (Pay TV appeal); and media and telecommunications judicial reviews such as T-Mobile v Ofcom (spectrum auction).

      Commercial and intellectual property litigation

      In addition he has also been involved in a wide range of other commercial and intellectual property litigation involving competition and EU law issues including Philips and others (MPEG) v Harvard (IP and competition law issues); Honda v David Silver (IP and free movement); London Stock Exchange v Plus Markets (regulatory competition issues). He advises and acts in a variety of urgent injunctive relief cases.


    • EU

      Daniel has very wide experience of EU law quite apart from his competition law work. He deals with EU law issues in the domestic courts covering matters from interpretation of EU legislation to Francovich damages claims. He regularly appears in the EU courts in Luxembourg. The issues arising in his EU court cases have ranged from State aid to international treaties on child abduction and from air transport to the designation of Melton Mowbray pork pies. Cases include:

      • T-892/16 Apple v Commission (GC) acting for Apple challenging €13bn State aid ruling (pending)
      • C-413/14 Intel v Commission (appeal to the CJEU against €1bn penalty)
      • Opinion 2/13 EU/ECHR (ECJ) acting for the UK in relation to EU accession to the ECHR
      • Opinion 1/15 Canada PNR (CJEU) data sharing arrangements with Canada
      • Opinion 2/15 Singapore Trade Agreement (CJEU) question whether the Singapore trade agreement was consistent with EU law
      • C-203/15 & C-698/15 Tele2/Watson (CJEU) lawfulness of data retention regimes
      • T-486/11 TP v Commission (GC – appeal against €120m fine for abuse of dominance)
      • C-236/09 ABC Test Achats (CJEU – unisex insurance premiums case)
      • C-411/10 and 493/10 NS (CJEU – Impact of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and operation of the Dublin Regulation on asylum).
      • C-71/10 Sitefinder (CJEU – environmental data access regulations in relation to mobile phone masts)
      • C-497/10PPU Mercredi (CJEU – urgent procedure parents rights in relation to child taken overseas)
      • C-623/17 Privacy International (CJEU) bulk data gathering lawfulness (pending)
      • C-169/06 Northern Foods Plc -v- UK and The Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association (ECJ – protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs)
      • C-402/07 & C-432/07 Sturgeon & Others -v- Condor Flugdienst Gmbh and Bock and Lepuschitz V Societe Air France Sa (ECJ – acting for the UK Government in references to the ECJ on air passenger compensation)
      • T-144/02 Eagle -v- European Commission (GC – successful damages claim against the EC for unlawful discrimination)
      • C-431/04 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (ECJ – pharmaceuticals intellectual property licensing)
      • T-116/01 P & O European Ferries (Vizcaya) SA -v- European Commission (GC – State Aid, actions for annulment, purchase of services by state at market price)

      He has also been involved in a large number of EU cases concerning sanctions imposed against terrorists or those suspected of involvement with oppressive regimes or nuclear proliferation. Cases include:

      • T-85/09 and C-595/10P Kadi v Council and United Kingdom v Kadi (General Court and ECJ – sanctions on suspected terrorist concerning fundamental rights and the interaction between EU law and international law, in particular in relation to UN Security Council Resolutions)
      • T-181/08 Pye Phyo Tay Za -v- Commission (Court of First Instance – Challenge to EC sanctions regulations relating to Burma)
      • T-145/09 Bredenkamp v Commission (General Court – challenge to sanctions relating to Zimbabwe)
      • C-548/09 Bank Melli (ECJ – challenge to sanctions relating to Iranian nuclear proliferation programme)


    • Public & administrative law and human rights

      Daniel has advised and appeared for a broad range of clients in relation to public and administrative law and human rights matters.

      He has acted in relation to judicial review and public law challenges in relation to a range of regulatory matters including: telecommunications; energy; media plurality; mergers and competition procedure.

      He has also acted in a large number of general domestic public law and human rights matters from library closures to war pensions.

      Cases include:

      • Watson & Davies v Secretary of State for the Home Department – challenge to emergency legislation on data retention
      • Long v Secretary of State for Defence – leading case on Article 2 ECHR duties.
      • Guantanamo Bay Litigation – Deghayes and others and Al Rawi v Security and Intelligence Services, Foreign Office, Home Office (High Court; Court of Appeal; Supreme Court – damages claims by Guantanamo Bay detainees and use of closed material procedures in civil proceedings)
      • ZO (Somalia) -v- Secretary of State for the Home Department (Supreme Court – EU and immigration law)
      • Viggers -v- Pensions Appeal Tribunal (Administrative Court – war pensions)
      • Quark Fishing v Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (House of Lords – territorial ambit of the Human Rights Act; public law damages)
      • Bullivant -v- Home Secretary (Administrative Court – Control Order proceedings; quashing of Control Order)

      Daniel has developed vetting security clearance and has worked on a range of security related matters. He has also acted as a Special Advocate in relation to SIAC and Control Order cases (including the quashing of a Control Order in the Bullivant case).

    • What the directories say

      Administrative & Public Law: “Daniel is terrific and he has a broad public law practice.” – Chambers UK, 2024

      Competition Law (ranked as a Star Individual): He is excellent with clients.” “Daniel is incredibly quick, highly strategic, and phenomenal on his feet.” “He is an absolute superstar, who knows it all and is a persuasive and extraordinary advocate.” “He is extremely forceful, effective, brilliant with clients and has good knowledge of the subject matter.” “He is the best competition advocate in the London Bar, the best English competition advocate bar none.” “He also has a strong economic mind, and is very much focused on the detail on a technical front.” “He is a brilliant advocate, and is quick-thinking when dealing with the tribunal judge before him.” “I am very impressed with Daniel.” “He is fantastic on his feet – combining a fighter’s instinct with incredible mental agility.” “He understands their concerns and priorities and can translate that into effective strategy.” “Daniel is loved by clients.” – Chambers UK, 2024

      European Law: “Daniel is a very big hitter and is very experienced.” – Chambers UK, 2024

      Telecommunications: A very big hitter who is very experienced.” “Daniel is excellent; he’s a standout person in the sector who thinks about things deeply.” – Chambers UK, 2024

      Leading silk in Competition: Daniel is a one-man A-Team. No matter how insurmountable the challenge, if you can enlist his services, your chances of success are massively improved.” Legal 500, 2024

      Leading silk in EU Law – Legal 500, 2024

      Leading silk in Group Litigation: “Daniel is an incredible brain and the best strategist we work with.  He sees angles and arguments that others don’t, and uses them to frame the case to his clients’ advantage.Legal 500, 2024

      Administrative & Public Law: “He is a really superb competition lawyer.” – Chambers UK, 2023

      Competition Law (ranked as a Star Individual): “For showmanship and for cutting through issues, he is a really, really strong advocate and one of the best in London.” – Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2023

      European Law: “A formidable opponent; I rate his advocacy highly.” – Chambers UK, 2023

      Telecommunications: “He is very impressive and has incredible knowledge of the industry.” – Chambers UK, 2023

      Leading silk in Competition – Legal 500, 2023

      Leading silk in EU Law: An exceptionally good silk, Daniel is insightful and has tremendous experience and judgement. ” Legal 500, 2023

      “Daniel Beard QC is hailed as “razor-sharp and immensely capable but open-minded, likeable and collaborative”. According to peers, he is “a great tactician who understands complex economics issues” and “a brilliant trial lawyer with very effective cross-examination skills”.” – Competition, Who’s Who Legal Global Guide 2022

      “Daniel Beard QC earns plaudits as “a great tactician who understands complex economic issues”. His “razor-sharp intellect” and “ability to master huge amounts of information, in order to present the key points persuasively” is further celebrated.” – Competition, Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2022

      “Daniel Beard QC is singled out by market commentators as one of the bar’s leading telecommunications and competition silks thanks to his two decades of experience handling complex, high-value disputes in the space.”– Telecoms, Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2022

      Administrative & Public Law: “He is a very persuasive advocate who is also very client-friendly and easy to instruct.” – Chambers UK, 2022

      Competition Law (ranked as a Star Individual): “He is a fantastic orator and is creative. He understands the dynamics of the litigation at a highly detailed level.” “He is quite adept at adjusting to a different environment; he always has an answer for everything.” “Very practical, and brings a fresh insight and intelligence to everything.” – Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2022

      European Law: “He is so energetic, clever, strategic and a brilliant advocate.” – Chambers UK, 2022

      Telecommunications: “He is extremely good on the regulations.” – Chambers UK, 2022

      Leading silk in Competition: “Terrific in high-impact situations.”Legal 500, 2022

      Leading silk in EU Law – Legal 500, 2022

      Leading silk in Telecoms (regulatory) – Legal 500, 2022

      “Daniel Beard QC achieves notable recognition as “an incredibly effective silk” and “a fierce opponent” in EU and competition disputes.” – Competition, Who’s Who Legal Global Guide 2021

      Daniel Beard QC is recommended in Telecoms & Media, Who’s Who Legal Global Guide 2021

      Administrative & Public Law: “A brilliant, commanding and effective advocate who is very user-friendly. He’s also charming and funny and brings great camaraderie to the team.” – Chambers UK, 2021

      Telecommunications: “A tenacious litigator and a colourful advocate, who is very eloquent in his advocacy.” “He’ll often see a different angle to everyone else, or an argument that’s not super obvious at first. He then runs these ideas in a way that works, all the while remaining pragmatic and sensible.” “A barrister who approaches complex disputes well, he is very strategic in his advice.” – Chambers UK, 2021

      European Law: “A highly experienced operator,” who is “great at communicating with clients.” – Chambers UK, 2021

      Competition Law: “He is absolutely top of his game for competition.” “One of the leading stars of the Bar: whenever he’s on his feet he advocates in a very calm, measured way.” “Daniel is fiercely bright, and brilliant at cutting through noise to get at the heart of matters.”Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2021

      Leading silk in Competition: ‘‘An excellent tactician and consummate advocate.’’ – Legal 500, 2021

      Leading silk in EU Law: ‘‘Great presence, in-depth experience before the CAT and General Court, very strategic.’’ – Legal 500, 2021

      Leading silk in Telecoms (regulatory): ‘‘He has great presence with good sector and legal knowledge.’’ – Legal 500, 2021

      “Daniel Beard QC is commended for his his ability to “argue bold points”, as well as his considerable expertise handling damages actions, merger control proceedings and market investigations.” – Competition, Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2020

      Daniel Beard QC is “a star performer”, hailed for his exceptional court performances in disputes pertaining to telecoms regulation.”- Telecoms, Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2020

      Administrative & Public Law: “Highly recommended: a very able, strategic advocate.” “I think he’s first class in competition law judicial review. He’s a very knowledgeable advocate who has good judgement.” – Chambers UK, 2020

      Telecommunications: “Very measured and able to distil often very complicated and technical concepts into understandable advice, without losing sight of the overall story. He really is excellent at setting out the story of the case.” “A tremendous advocate who fights hard for the client and works out which arguments to push.” – Chambers UK, 2020

      European Law: “Able to work across multiple potential fronts of legal challenges and to work with us on putting a case together in record time.” “He has a very refreshing style: he really does break up arguments by advancing points in a genuinely novel way.” – Chambers UK, 2020

      Competition Law: “Has thousands of hours’ experience on his feet, which shows in his delivery.” “He thinks quickly on his feet when asked questions by the judge and doesn’t get flustered.” “Daniel is a very persuasive advocate both in appellate courts and at first instance. He knows the law back to front and has a good strategic view.” – Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2020 

      Leading silk in Competition: ‘‘A clear and compelling advocate with a particular strength in follow-on cases.’’ – Legal 500, 2020

      Leading silk in EU Law: ‘‘An excellent tactician and consummate advocate.’’ – Legal 500, 2020

      Leading silk in Telecoms (regulatory): ‘‘He is a very clear and compelling advocate with particular strength in follow-on cases.’’ – Legal 500, 2020

      One of the foremost competition silks at the Bar who is described as “a brilliant technician, a very talented advocate and fantastic in court” – Competition, Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2019

      Singled out as one of the Bar’s leading lights when it comes to telecoms. Respondents effuse that “clients love him and his ability to turn around a losing point in court”- Telecoms, Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2019

      Administrative & Public Law: “Extremely clever, very diligent, and well prepared for court appearances. He has a great ability, even when a judge is not on his side, to persuade people of his case through sheer force of character.” “A really stylish advocate and a really good lawyer: powerful, punchy, persuasive.”Chambers UK, 2019

      Competition Law: “When you have something tricky, he’s the man to work with him.” “Tactically, he is a great advocate, and it’s always a pleasure to have him on your team.”Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2019

      European Law: “He is very knowledgeable and very bright.”Chambers UK, 2019

      Telecommunications: “Good on the black-letter law and at managing cases. He communicates well with clients and is effective on his feet.” “If you are acting for an underdog his advocacy style is good because he can be tenacious.” “An excellent oral advocate who is tactically astute.”Chambers UK, 2019

      Leading silk in Administrative and public law (including local government): ‘‘A gifted advocate, very skilled at ensuring that the strongest possible case is put to the judge.’’Legal 500, 2018

      Leading silk in Competition: ‘‘Delivers submissions very successfully and persuasively.’’ – Legal 500, 2018

      Leading silk in Telecoms (regulatory): ‘‘A highly impressive advocate.’’ – Legal 500, 2018

      Leading silk in EU Law: ‘‘Delivers submissions very successfully and persuasively’’ – Legal 500, 2018

      Administrative & Public Law: “He’s a very able advocate and very strategic.”Chambers UK, 2018

      Competition Law: “He is a brilliant competition lawyer and would be my first choice for competition law – he has a beautiful presentation manner, is very persuasive and does a really good job of explaining complicated contexts.”Chambers UK, 2018

      European Law: “He is quick-thinking, pragmatic and down-to-earth.”Chambers UK, 2018

      Telecommunications: “He really gets on top of the fine details and commands the courtroom with his detailed knowledge of complex telecom matters.” “A wonderful advocate who is quick on his feet and brilliant at identifying the subtleties of a case.”Chambers UK, 2018

      Leading silk in Administrative and public law (including local government): ‘‘Unflappable and supreme on his feet.’’Legal 500, 2017

      Leading silk in Competition: ‘‘An exceptional advocate and the go-to silk for state aid matters.’’ – Legal 500, 2017

      Leading silk in Telecoms (regulatory): ‘‘A skilled and persuasive advocate.’’ – Legal 500, 2017

      CompetitionFuture Leaders 2017: Barristers Analysis: “Daniel Beard QC comes highly recommended as “an incredibly effective competition QC” and “one of the best in the jurisdiction”. Clients say he is “extremely intelligent and witty” and that they “wouldn’t hesitate to work with him on any matter”.”WHO’S WHO LEGAL (WWL) 2017

      Administrative & Public Law: “An extremely smart lawyer.” “He is imaginative and presents academically.” “Punchy and to the point.”Chambers UK, 2017

      Competition Law: “Daniel has a fantastic grip of detail and always takes a very strategic approach.”Chambers UK, 2017

      European Law: “He has good insight into the regulator’s thinking, is a very fluent advocate and is good on his feet.”Chambers UK, 2017

      Telecommunications: “He has the ability to focus in on one or two intuitive points for the judges. Dan is very good at encapsulating your case in one neat idea, which is very useful.”Chambers UK, 2017

      Leading silk in Administrative and Public law: “One of the top EU silks.”Legal 500, 2016

      Leading silk in EU and Competition:  “Probably the best competition advocate available.” – Legal 500, 2016

      Leading silk in Telecoms (regulatory): “A very clear and compelling advocate.” – Legal 500, 2016

      Competition: Lauded by his peers and clients alike, who describe him as having “supernatural intelligence” and “a peerless command of technical issues”; he is also considered “a masterful strategist”.WHO’S WHO LEGAL (WWL) UK BAR 2016

      Media & Entertainment:  The award-winning Daniel Beard QC is known for his “boundless knowledge of the sector” and for producing “excellent and highly accomplished work”.WHO’S WHO LEGAL (WWL) UK BAR 2016

      Telecommunications: The “excellent” Daniel Beard QC is described as “an incredible legal strategist” with a “fantastic work ethic”. – WHO’S WHO LEGAL (WWL) UK BAR 2016

      Administrative & Public Law: “He is clear, calm and organised.” “Really impressive – he is very good at having an ostensibly casual approach while in fact being thoroughly prepared.”Chambers UK, 2016 

      Competition Law: “Incredibly popular with clients, and also very erudite and cerebral.” “He’s commercially aware and tactically astute.”Chambers UK & Chambers Global, 2016

      European Law: “I think he is pretty outstanding as an advocate and generally he is a very accomplished EU lawyer.” – Chambers UK, 2016

      Telecommunications: “A safe pair of hands on any regulatory matter.” “In court he is very pragmatic. He goes through things stage by stage and explains things very well.” – Chambers UK, 2016

      “An excellent oral advocate; sharp and quick-witted on his feet.’’ Leading Silk in Administrative and public Law. Legal 500, 2015

      “A master tactician who always focuses on what turn out to be the key issues.’’ Leading silk in Aviation. Legal 500, 2015

      “Clear-headed and articulate, a fine and determined advocate.’’ Leading silk in EU and competition Law. Legal 500, 2015

      “Exceptionally able and a great lateral thinker.’’ Leading silk in Telecoms (regulatory) Law. Legal 500, 2015

      Competition Law: “A fearless advocate who really holds his own in court.” “He’s extremely clever, very insightful and also very user-friendly.” – Chambers UK, 2015

      European Law: “He advises very well on the strategy and adds value to any case.”Chambers UK, 2015

      Telecommunications: “A heavy hitter who thinks strategically.” “He is commercial and focuses on the key issues.”Chambers UK, 2015

      A clear thinker, who is very good on his feet.’ Leading Silk in EU & Competition Law. Legal 500, 2014

      ‘Outstanding as an advisor and an advocate.’ Under Telecommunications Law, Daniel Beard QC, is a leading Silk. Legal 500, 2014

      Under Competition Law: According to many he is the best of the younger competition silks. He gains strong praise for his expertise in damages claims and his knowledge of the regulatory bodies.”A class performer, who is tactical, flexible and a good advocate.” “He really knows his subject and puts his points forward with clear authority.”Chambers UK, 2014

      Under European Law: A popular figure who regularly acts as government counsel on matters before the European courts. He has made a number of recent appearances before the ECJ, and has a broad EU practice that encompasses wide-ranging issues such as terrorist sanctions and matters pertaining to aviation law. “A very good advocate who is surgical in his analysis.” “He can think outside the box and give clear advice.”Chambers UK, 2014

      Under Telecommunications Law: Recognised particularly for his ability to understand the regulators’ mindsets. He is instructed by overseas and domestic clients both to provide opinions and to appear in court. “He is very good at explaining complex issues to the court and making them accessible.” “Very flexible and highly tactical.”Chambers UK, 2014

      “The immensely popular Daniel Beard QC ‘provides sound strategic advice‘ and is ‘good on his feet‘, most notably in damages actions.” Leading Silk in EU & Competition Law. Legal 500, 2013

      Under Telecommunications Law, Daniel Beard QC, “whose ‘brain is as big as a planet’;” is a leading Silk. Legal 500, 2013

      Under Telecommunications: “Daniel Beard QC is “always one to consider instructing” in the most taxing and complex competition cases within the sector. He is a “very bright and articulate” advocate who has proved his mettle in cases such as the recent intervention by Top Up TV in support of BT against Ofcom’s position on pay TV provision. This matter raised the regulatory implications of the ongoing convergence of telecoms, internet and broadcasting technologies.” Chambers UK, 2013

      “Instructing solicitors and fellow barristers are all quick to confirm his strength in the competition sphere, and describe him as being “very insightful and just excellent all round.” He has been involved in some of the key cases of the last year, and has particular experience in damages actions.” Chambers UK, 2013

      Daniel Beard QC is recommended as a leading silk in EU and Competition Law. Legal 500, 2012

      “Recent silk Daniel Beard QC comes highly recommended for his competition law expertise and has been dubbed “the star of his generation” by a number of market commentators. Instructing solicitors applaud his “outstanding feel for, and understanding of, competition litigation in the UK,” noting that he “perfectly comprehends the workings of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.” He was recently instructed by the defendant in Emerson Electric v Morgan Crucible, with regards to a follow-on claim against members of an alleged cartel which produced motor components.” – Chambers UK, 2012

      Under Telecommunications: “new silk and expert on competition law Daniel Beard QC is praised for being “commercially focused, super-bright, cogent in his advice and decisive in his interventions.” He recently acted for Cable & Wireless in BT and Everything Everywhere v Ofcom in the CAT. This case looked at the pricing of calls to 0845 and 0800 numbers.” – Chambers UK, 2012

      Daniel Beard QC is a recommended leading silk in Public & Administrative law. Legal 500, 2011

      EU & Competition Law recommend Daniel Beard QC as a leading silk. Legal 500, 2011

      “”Highly regarded in the regulatory sphere, Daniel Beard’s stock continues to rise in private competition work. His “first-rate advocacy” has kept him consistently handling some of the most significant cases in the UK. He has represented Shell in the OFT’s rubber cartel case, and recently acted for Enron in its damages claim against English Welsh & Scottish Railways (EWS). Maintaining his strong regulatory work, Beard also acted for the UK Competition Commission in its decision to reduce BSkyB’s stake in rival ITV.”” – Global Competition Review: Barrister Survey, 2011

      “Standing counsel to the OFT, Daniel Beard is arguably the most prominent junior acting in this field. Sources were particularly complimentary about his “towering performances in court,” stating that they are of a silk standard. He is “an exceptionally effective adviser without ever being pompous.” Key work highlights for him include Cooper Tire & Rubber v Shell, and National Grid v ABB, Alstom, Aveva and Siemens”. Competition/European Law – Chambers UK, 2011

    • Education

      MA (Hons) Cambridge (First Class) Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), Oxford

    • Publications