Single market challenge: Adrian Yalland and Peter Wilding v SSEU (Article 127 EEA)

23 Jan 2017

Monckton Chambers’ members are advising on a challenge to the Government’s plan for the United Kingdom to leave the single market. The claim was commenced by two members of the think-tank British Influence on 29 December 2016.  The claim challenges the Government’s statement that the United Kingdom automatically leaves the European Economic Area following its departure from the EU under Article 50 TEU.  It seeks a declaration that the United Kingdom can only leave the single market by following the formal withdrawal procedure under Art 127 of the EEA Agreement and with Parliament’s prior authorisation in the form of an Act of Parliament.

A permission hearing has been listed before the Divisional Court on 3rd February, which will also deal with a parallel claim brought by four individuals who live in the UK or in other EEA States.

George Peretz QC and Anneli Howard are acting for the claimants Adrian Yalland and Peter Wilding.

Daniel Beard QC and Julianne Kerr Morrison are acting for the Government.

The case has already received extensive coverage including The Times and The Guardian.