Monckton Chambers supports the seventh annual Sir Jeremy Lever Lecture

The seventh annual Sir Jeremy Lever lecture was held on Friday 23rd February, to celebrate the career of Sir Jeremy Lever KCMG, QC, a pioneer of both the practice and academic study of competition law in Europe.

The lecture titled “Mutual recognition and individual rights: the golden mean between blind trust and inadequate trust” was given by Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston QC and chaired by Philip Moser QC.

The event was followed by a celebratory dinner at All Souls College.

“Threatened Lawyers: the end of the Rule of Law in Europe?” Piers Gardner speaks for CCBE in Strasbourg

On 24 January 2018 the CCBE is organising a Side Event during the Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on: ‘Threatened Lawyers: the end of the Rule of Law in Europe?’ The Side Event is intended to draw attention to the proposed PACE Recommendation to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe for a European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer. The proposal, which was adopted unanimously in December by the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee of PACE, will be voted on by the whole Assembly immediately after the Side Meeting. Piers Gardner will be one of the speakers, explaining why a binding Convention with an effective enforcement machinery, would be a positive step for the rule of law.

The proposed Convention has the strong support of all six of the UK’s Bar Councils and Law Societies which participate in the CCBE, together with the national Bars and Law Societies of 44 other States, together representing one million lawyers. Piers Gardner is the UK member of the CCBE’s Permanent Delegation to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Monckton and Des Voeux Chambers Symposium on Hong Kong competition law

Monckton Chambers and Des Voeux Chambers held a joint symposium on 13th September entitled “Mind The Gap: Valuable lessons from the EU and UK for Competition Litigation in Hong Kong” featuring Tim Ward QC, Philip Moser QC, Paul Harris QC, and George Peretz QC from Monckton and Catrina Lam, John Hui, Connie Lee, Kelvin Kwok, Jonathan YH Chan, and Cherry Xu from DVC. The keynote speaker was Stephen Ryan of the Hong Kong Competition Commission.

The event was held at HKUST Business School, Hong Kong Club Building, Hong Kong and attended by members of the Hong Kong legal and business communities and the Hong Kong Competition Commission.

To read Des Voeux Chambers’ news piece following the event “Mind the Gap: Valuable Lessons from the EU and UK for Competition Litigation in Hong Kong going forward” please click here, to read Tim Ward QC’s comment “Mind the Gap: The view from London” please click here.

Jack Williams gives keynote address at Young Bar of Northern Ireland’s annual conference

On Friday 19 May 2017, Jack Williams  gave the keynote address at the Young Bar of Northern Ireland’s annual conference which was themed “The Legal Impact and Opportunities of Brexit”.

Jack was asked to address “The Constitutional Impact of Brexit”. He started by assessing the impact of R (Miller and Dos Santos) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC 5 which was a key milestone in beginning the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The case afforded the courts (and Jack in his lecture) an opportunity to address a range of matters relating to the operation of the UK’s uncodified constitution. Jack then looked ahead to assess the next key events along the path to Brexit, and in what ways the journey will test the UK’s constitution (and provide “opportunities” for legal practitioners). In this regard, Jack analysed future litigation possibilities in relation to each stage of the journey ahead, including: the Great Repeal Bill, the EU law obligations during the negotiation phase, the final deal (regarding both citizens’ acquired rights from an EU law perspective, and UK constitutional law questions concerning any final deal), and longer term issues post 29 June 2019.

Jack was junior counsel for one of the interested parties in R (Miller and Dos Santos) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC 5 at both Divisional and Supreme court levels. He has recently been commissioned by Hart Publishing to co-edit a book (with Professor Mark Elliott and Professor Alison Young) on the constitutional impact of the case. Having also undertaken a traineeship at the CJEU with Judge Vajda and a secondment in the Bank of England’s EU Withdrawal Unit, Jack is well-placed to assist both private and public clients with a range of Brexit-related matters.

Philip Moser gives keynote address at this year’s Chambers Europe Awards

Philip Moser QC was pleased to give the keynote speech, on the UK application of EU-derived law after Brexit, at the Chambers Europe Awards 2017 ceremony and dinner, held on Friday 7th April at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. The awards honour the work of national and international law firms across Europe and recognise a law firm’s pre-eminence in key countries in the region. They also reflect notable achievements over the past 12 months including outstanding work, impressive strategic growth and excellence in client service.

Monckton presentations in Denmark on post Brexit regulation of the Aviation and Telecommunications sectors

At a Brexit seminar in Copenhagen at the Danish Association for European Law on 6 April, Tim Ward and Christopher Muttukumaru were principal speakers. Their presentations included post Brexit regulation of the Aviation and Telecommunications sectors.

The event was chaired by Professor Ulla Neergaard , Professor of EU Law at the University of Copenhagen. The third principal speaker was Ros Kellaway, head of EU and Regulatory group, Eversheds-Sutherlands.

The seminar was attended by private practitioners, academics and law students.

The speakers covered the following topics:

  1. ” All the world’s a stage ” – the UK Government’s White Paper on Brexit , including the UK’s new global outlook; the Article 50 letter of 29 March and the Commission’s response;
  2.   Aspects of post-Brexit regulation in the Competition field;
  3.   Aspects of post-Brexit regulation in the Telecommunications field;
  4.   Aspects of post-Brexit regulation in the Transport (Aviation) field;
  5.   The Great Repeal Bill – its purpose and coverage;
  6.   The roles of the national courts, of the CJEU and of the Commission in a post Brexit world.

There followed a very lively series of questions and answers about a post-Brexit future . Topics raised by the audience included questions about cartel investigations in a post Brexit world; UK support for the EU environmental acquis ; and the “what if ” questions about the future of Scotland.

The speakers’ written materials have been published on the organisers’ website here.


Monckton Chambers supports The Cambridge International and European Law Conference 2017 “Transforming Institutions”

Monckton Chambers was delighted to continue with its support of this prestigious annual event, organised by the Cambridge International Law Journal and held in association with the Centre for European Legal Studies. This year’s programme included Monckton’s Anneli Howard chairing the session on Institutional Transformations and the Court of Justice of the European Union and Philip Moser QC, joint Head of Chambers, speaking at the conference dinner. The event took place at The David Williams Building, Law Faculty, The University of Cambridge on the 23rd and 24th March.

Monckton Chambers supports the sixth annual Sir Jeremy Lever Lecture

The sixth annual Sir Jeremy Lever lecture was held on Friday 24th February, to celebrate the career of Sir Jeremy Lever KCMG, QC, a pioneer of both the practice and academic study of competition law in Europe.

The lecture titled “Dispute Resolution In International Economic Agreements: The EU And Beyond” was given by Judge Christopher Vajda and chaired by The Right Honourable Lord Dyson.

The event was followed by a celebratory dinner at All Souls College.

Monckton barristers speaking about ‘Brexit: The Future of International Trade’

Monckton barristers Thomas Sebastian and Professor Panos Koutrakos spoke at an event organised by UKLegalFuture at the House of Commons on 8 February 2017.

The topic of the event was ‘Brexit: The Future of International Trade’. It was chaired by Tim Ward QC and introduced by the Chairman of UKLegalFuture, John Davies (Freshfields). The audience consisted mainly of Members of both Houses, including the President of UKLegalFuture, Dominic Grieve QC MP.

Jonathan Faull (until recently Director General, European Commission, the most senior British EU civil servant and Head of the Task Force for negotiations with the UK) gave a keynote speech on ‘Leaving the EU but remaining part of Europe?’. He highlighted the legal and practical challenges of the negotiations between the UK and the EU and discussed the different stages that are prescribed in Article 50 TEU.

Professor Panos Koutrakos discussed the post-Brexit status of international trade agreements that currently apply to the UK. He outlined the legal and practical issues that arise from negotiating new trade agreements and examined the UK’s position in multilateral agreements (including the Unified Patent Court Agreement). His handout is available here.

Thomas Sebastian dealt with the so-called “WTO Option”. He addressed two questions of process: (1) Whether the UK will be able to rely on WTO rules post-Brexit even if other WTO Members object to its proposals for revised “schedules”? (2) Whether any post-Brexit UK-EU transitional arrangements will have to be approved by the WTO? His presentation is available here.

Lourdes Catrain (Hogan Lovells International) focused on the negotiation of the UK-EU agreement. She referred to the White Paper (The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union) and explored the different options for the UK’s future relationship with the EU, with emphasis on customs and regulatory standards.


Josh Holmes – new Queen’s Counsel for Monckton

Monckton Chambers is very pleased to announce the appointment of Josh Holmes to Queen’s Counsel.

The official swearing-in ceremony will take place on 13 February 2017.

The members and staff of Chambers warmly congratulate Josh on his new appointment.

The full list of QC appointments, announced on the 12 January,  can be viewed on the QCA website.