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18 Aug, 2016

Aspects of environmental regulation as they apply to the delivery of major infrastructure projects

Christopher Muttukumaru CB argues that, in a post Brexit UK, the environmental protection rules...
2 Aug, 2016

Britain’s new EU Commissioner receives security portfolio

Jean-Claude Juncker has created a new portfolio for the new UK-appointed Commissioner, Sir Julian...
27 Jul, 2016

Supreme Court refers questions on free movement to the EU Court of Justice

The Supreme Court today made its first reference to the Court of Justice since...
22 Jul, 2016

House of Lords Committee says Parliament must scrutinise Brexit

The European Union Committee of the House of Lords has today published a report...
20 Jul, 2016

What will the Withdrawal Agreement under Article 50(2) contain?

It is generally agreed that the UK’s departure from the EU will involve the...
19 Jul, 2016

Art 50 BREXIT case – hearing set for October with possible leapfrog to the Supreme Court

Before a packed courtroom this morning the Divisional Court considered the future management of...
18 Jul, 2016

EEA Competition Law and the EEA Agreement’s Impact

The EEA Agreement, often described as the ‘Norwegian model’ extends the Single Market to...
18 Jul, 2016

Procurement Futures: what lies ahead for procurement law? What will be the effects on future plans and challenges? – slides available

Monckton Chambers, as a leading set in the field, presented a seminar titled “Procurement Futures:...
15 Jul, 2016

Securing the English Courts prime slot as a one-stop jurisdiction

Just when we thought we almost had it all….. Is there a risk that...
15 Jul, 2016

Brexit, merger control and potential reforms

Written by Alistair Lindsay & Alison Berridge In our second post on the implications...