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Brexit is an unprecedented political, economic and legal phenomenon. The Monckton Brexit Blog gives you expert legal insight and analysis from barristers at Monckton Chambers.

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15 Jul, 2016

Securing the English Courts prime slot as a one-stop jurisdiction

Just when we thought we almost had it all….. Is there a risk that...
14 Jul, 2016

EU Law in a transitional period

How should practitioners plan for the uncertain period ahead? What happens to the application...
14 Jul, 2016

The EEA Agreement: principles of EEA law

The EEA Agreement, often described as the ‘Norwegian model’ extends the Single Market to...
13 Jul, 2016

State aid post-Brexit

In a blog on this site earlier this week, George Peretz QC discussed various...
12 Jul, 2016

BREXIT – not too late for proper impact assessment?

Amid concerns that the referendum was conducted without the public having full knowledge of...
12 Jul, 2016

The EEA Agreement: roles of the EFTA Surveillance Authority and EFTA Court

The EEA Agreement, often described as the ‘Norwegian model’ extends the Single Market to...
12 Jul, 2016

What does Brexit mean for the UK in WTO?

In the light of Brexit, World Trade Organisation (WTO) law has attracted considerable attention....
11 Jul, 2016

Implications Of Brexit For State Aid: (1) The “Iceland To Turkey” Options

As an area that has been a key EU competence, Brexit can be expected...
11 Jul, 2016

Theresa May’s speech promises reforms of competition policy and a tougher stance on tax

Today’s developments mean that Mrs Theresa May is likely to become Prime Minister on...
11 Jul, 2016

Gerry Facenna QC and Jack Williams advise on Article 50 TEU – should Parliament or the executive trigger UK withdrawal from the EU?

Gerry Facenna QC  and Jack Williams  have been instructed by John Halford of Bindmans...