New Appointments to the Panels of Junior Counsel to the Crown

26 Feb 2014

Chambers is delighted to announce new appointments to the Panels of Junior Counsel to the Crown.  Ian Rogers has been elevated to the Attorney General’s A Panel, Alan Bates, Brendan McGurk and Ewan West have been elevated to the B Panel and Anneliese Blackwood has been appointed to the C Panel.

George Peretz and Peter Mantle have also had their term on the A Panel extended.

Monckton Chambers now boasts 19 panellists. The appointments are a great honour and acknowledge our expertise in public, civil and European Community law litigation.

A Panellists include:

Andrew Macnab, Peter Mantle, George Peretz, Raymond Hill, Ian Rogers and Robert Palmer.

B Panellists include:

Josh Holmes, Ronit Kreisberger, Valentina Sloane, Julian Gregory, Rob Williams, Gerry Facenna, Anneli Howard,  Alan Bates, Elisa Holmes, Ben Lask, Brendan McGurk and Ewan West.

C Panellists include:

Anneliese Blackwood.