George Peretz QC quoted in The Irish Times: Beneficiaries of NI ‘cash for ash’ scheme may have to repay money

On 7 May, George Peretz QC gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Northern Ireland Select Committee, which is currently investigating the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme in Northern Ireland.  He answered various questions from MPs on the ways in which the State aid rules may apply to the scheme.  A brief summary of part of his evidence appears in today’s story in The Irish Times, and a full transcript will be published by the Committee in due course.

Peter Oliver on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme

On 21 March Peter Oliver was interviewed together with Professor Catherine Barnard on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (53 minutes in to the programme). In answer to a question from Michal Husain, he said that the Article 50 deadline could be extended until 1 July without the UK holding European elections, but that it would be highly problematic to extend it further.