Philip Moser QC quoted in the Financial Times: Liz Truss seeks emergency legislation to speed up UK sanctions on Russian oligarchs

“It is considerably easier and faster to start, and potentially win, a judicial review in the High Court against a UK sanctions decision than it is to successfully prosecute a direct action in the General Court of the CJEU [Court of Justice of the European Union] in Luxembourg,” said Philip Moser QC.

“There is therefore a big difference between being the UK government trying to sanction people in a way that will stick and being the EU Commission which can sanction on a slimmer factual basis relatively insulated from effective challenge.”

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Why did EU-Swiss negotiations on a Framework Agreement fail?

Following the declaration by the Swiss government not to sign the so-called “framework agreement” covering the EU-Swiss relationship, something which the EU was hoping Switzerland would agree to, the former longtime President of the EFTA Court, Swiss legal expert Carl Baudenbacher discusses in an exclusive piece for the implications and the way forward.

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