Steven Gee KC

Call: 1975 | 1999 (NY) | 2023 (Ireland) | Silk: 1993

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    MA (Oxon) (First Class), Harvard

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    Commercial Litigator and Arbitration Specialist including in Commercial Fraud, Disputes cross borders, Chancery, Conflicts of Law, Insolvency and Partnerships and Joint Ventures

    Admitted to Practice in New York and the US District Courts for the Southern District of New York, and Eastern District of New York.

    Admitted in BVI, Eastern Caribbean and Antigua.

    Appeared in appellate courts in Eastern Caribbean, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland as well as England.

    Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Member of British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Commercial Bar Association.

    Recorder (part time Judge) with Civil, Criminal, Chancery Family including complex financial Authorisations.

    Formerly Standing Junior Counsel to the Department of Trade and Industry (ECGD).

    Author of Gee on “Commercial Injunctions”, now in its 7th Edition 2021 (Supplement 2022), published by Sweet and Maxwell, Supplement 2022, a leading textbook on Injunctions with a US Appendix and an Appendix on French Law.

    Steven Gee KC has lectured in 2021/2022 to the Commercial Bar Association, the Chancery Bar Association and Hong Kong Arbitration Association and in Cyprus at the invitation of the General Council of the Bar and the Cyprus Bar Association , and to Postgraduate Doctoral students at Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law.

    Tenant Monckton Chamber since 2019, formerly Litigation Partner in JHA LLP, Head of Chambers of Stone Chambers for 15 years, Tenant at 1 Essex Court, Tenant at 4, Essex Court (Essex Court Chambers). Tutor at University College London (1975).

    • News
    • Education
      • Brasenose College, Oxford University, (1971-1974)
      • (M.A. (Oxon)). Oxford University First Class Honours Degree in Jurisprudence. Gibbs Prize for Law (Oxford University).
      • Preliminary Examinations in Anatomy and Physiology (Medicine).
      • Senate of the Inns of Court Prize for top placed Candidate in Bar Exams for England and Wales (1975)
      • Harvard University, (1971) (Roman History and Logic)
      • Tonbridge School, Kent.

      Languages: French

    • What the directories say

      Commercial Dispute Resolution: “Steven Gee is very able in terms of his advocacy and good at leading a legal team.” – Chambers UK, 2024

      Leading silk in Fraud: Civil: “Steven knows civil fraud inside out and upside down, so look no further. A true star of the Bar, Steven is a delight to work with, highly user-friendly, and with a knack for cutting straight to the chase.” Legal 500, 2024

      Leading silk in Commercial Litigation: “Steven brings exceptional levels of experience to the table. Clever, talented and very much solution focused – a superb, whiplash-smart advocate, who is an exceedingly good technician and brilliant strategist.” Legal 500, 2024

      Commercial Dispute Resolution: “Enthusiastic and brimful of ideas. His judgement is spot on – he’s seen everything and then some.” – Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2023

      Leading silk in Fraud: Civil: “When it comes to commercial injunctions, Steven literally wrote the book. He is the go to silk for any matter involving an injunction hearing. Benefits from an enormous intellect but combines this with a ready willingness to muck in and get involved in the nuts and bolts of even the most difficult case, always ready with a clever and winning point.” Legal 500, 2023

      Leading silk in Commercial Litigation: “Steven has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and he really does constantly test the case and strength of arguments. He is an excellent advocate, at the top of his game.” Legal 500, 2023

      Commercial Dispute Resolution: “A brilliant, exceptional lawyer and one of the best in the country for interlocutory hearings.” Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2022

      Leading silk in Fraud: Civil: “Very thorough, knowledgeable and hands-on. He tests the case repeatedly and never leaves any stones unturned.” Legal 500, 2022

      Leading silk in Commercial Litigation: “Very thorough, knowledgeable and hands-on. He tests the case repeatedly and never leaves any stones unturned.” Legal 500, 2022

      Leading silk in Fraud: Civil: “The pre-eminent leading counsel on injunctions, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the case law. Despite his seniority, he is very hands-on and hard-working” – Legal 500, 2021

      Leading silk in Commercial Litigation: ‘‘A walking legal encyclopedia – ask him any question and he can give you the most thorough, well reasoned and supported answer. Despite his seniority, he is very hands-on and hard-working.’’ – Legal 500, 2021

      ‘A walking genius.’ Legal 500, 2014

      ‘He has an impressive ability to dictate strategy.’ Legal, 500, 2014

      ‘A formidable intellect.’ Legal 500, 2014

      ‘A very good choice for arbitration.’ Legal 500, 2014

      “His breadth of knowledge, tactical thinking and careful arguments are outstanding.” Chambers & Partners, 2014

      “He is extremely intelligent, his knowledge of the law and procedure is excellent, and he gives you ideas you would not have thought of.” Chambers & Partners, 2014

      “Always provides incisive and thoughtful advice.” Chambers & Partners, 2014

      Steven Gee QC…‘a formidable intellect’ Legal 500, 2013

      Steven Gee QC’s “exceptional ability to pluck brilliant points out of seemingly thin air” sees him instructed in an impressive range of cases. Chambers & Partners Global, 2012

      Steven Gee QC … “a formidable advocate with an outstanding intellect – judges just follow his every word.” Chambers & Partners, 2012

      Sources reserve special mention for his “mastery of interlocutory injunctions.” Chambers & Partners, 2012

    • Publications
      • Steven is the author of “Commercial Injunctions” (published 2021 by Sweet & Maxwell, 7th edition) with Supplement
      • A Cobalt White Elephant to be published in British Tax Review
      • Penal Notices and Contempt Applications to be published in CJQ
      • Suing persons unknown, the EC Motor Insurance Directive and Cameron v Liverpool Victoria, Journal of Business Law 2019, 6, pp. 416-426
      • Asset stripping reflective loss and injunctions: Garcia v Marex, Journal of Business Law  2019, 2, pp. 89-103
      • Smuggling, Marine Insurance, Causation and Interpretation: The B Atlantic Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 2018, pp. 482-490
      • Suing unnamed defendants or persons unknown: Cameron v Hussain Civil Justice Quarterly (C.J.Q.) 2018, 37(4), pp. 413-427
      • The jurisdiction to grant injunctions against innocent third parties, the internet and Cartier v British Telecommunications Plc in the Supreme Court European Intellectual Property Review 2018, 40(9), pp. 571-578
      • Injunctions, non-parties and default on sovereign bonds Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial law B.J.I.B. & F.L. 2013, 28(10), 609-613
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      • Performance bonds. Banking Law 2007, 1(1), 4-8. The Remedies Carried by a Freezing Injunction Law Quarterly Review, 2006, 122 , 535-542.
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