Article 50 Supreme Court Hearing – Day Four

09 Dec 2016

The full transcript of yesterday’s (the fourth and final day’s) proceedings in the Supreme Court in the Article 50 case can be found here.

The Justices will now take time to further review the written and oral submissions, and deliver their judgment(s) in the New Year. The Court has stated that it aims to give at least three working days’ notice before publishing the decision.

All the written arguments from the parties are linked to here.

Four members of Monckton are instructed for different parties in the case:

Gerry Facenna QC, David Gregory, and Jack Williams are instructed by Bindmans LLP on behalf of the Pigney Respondents/Interested Parties (known as “The People’s Challenge”).

Anneli Howard is instructed by Mischcon de Reya to represent Mrs Gina Miller, the First Respondent.