Article 50 case materials

02 Dec 2016

The UK Government’s appeal against the Divisional Court’s ruling in the Article 50 litigation is due to be heard in the Supreme Court starting on Monday 5th December. The case was “leapfrogged” directly to the Supreme Court on account of its constitutional importance. All 11 Supreme Court justices are sitting.

In anticipation of the widespread public interest and engagement in this historic case, the Supreme Court has (with consent) published the written cases of the majority of the parties. These can be read here. The Court has also published (at the same link) a timetable of the oral proceedings, which can be watched online via the Supreme Court’s website. A link to the live stream is here.

Four members of Monckton are instructed for different parties in the case:

Gerry Facenna QC, David Gregory, and Jack Williams are instructed by Bindmans LLP on behalf of the Pigney Respondents/Interested Parties (known as “The People’s Challenge”).

Anneli Howard is instructed by Mischcon de Reya to represent Mrs Gina Miller, the First Respondent.