Who’s Who Legal Competition 2019: Lawyers – Monckton in most listings table; Daniel Beard QC, Jon Turner QC and George Peretz QC recognised as “Global Elite”

11 Jun 2019

WWL has once again collaborated with Global Competition Review to produce the 20th edition of WWL: Competition, featuring 1,068 lawyers from over 400 firms across 55 jurisdictions who stand out as the foremost legal practitioners in the competition space.

Monckton Chambers is one of only two sets to appear in the table: “Most listings in WWL: Competition 2019”. The rest of the rankings are international law firms.

In addition, Daniel Beard QC, Jon Turner QC and George Peretz QC are the only three barristers amongst 14 specialist individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year and who are recognised as “The Global Elite Thought Leaders”.

This what the researchers say about Monckton Chambers and its members:

“A top-tier set at the UK Bar that sees 12 barristers identified here for their expertise.

Global Elite Thought Leader Daniel Beard QC is “the best out there”, effuse sources who add he stands “head and shoulders above the rest”. They consider him a “clever and effective” advocate and praise his “amazing” work on matters such as damages actions and appeals.

Jon Turner QC sits among “the best of the Bar”, say sources who consider him “one of the very best advocates in the field”. He is “in high demand” for his profound ability in abuse of dominance and collusion cases.

George Peretz QC is a prominent figure for state aid work, where he stands out for his remarkable work advising public and private sector clients.

Josh Holmes QC is “a very skilled barrister” who sources “would certainly instruct”. He is credited with an “encyclopaedic knowledge of competition law”.

The “excellent” Anneli Howard is a well-established figure in the competition sphere who enjoys a strong reputation for her handling of complex matters involving both EU and UK regulations.

Meredith Pickford QC is a “favourite” among market commentators. He is “a top-flight competition QC” who excels when it comes to damages actions and regulatory appeals proceedings.

Kassie Smith QC is a “terrific and well-thought of” advocate who stands out for her work on complex competition damages actions, and for her “strong grasp of competition economics”. Other Monckton members identified for this specialist area are: Tim Ward QC, Mark Brealey QC, Paul Harris QC, Ronit Kreisberger QC, Alistair Lindsay, Alan Bates and Alison Berridge.