Mark Brealey QC

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LLB, LLM, DEA (France)

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“Displays all-round excellence in court and in conference.”Chambers & Partners, 2017

“Excellent on his feet, clear-thinking and user-friendly.” –  Chambers & Partners Global, 2016

Mark Brealey QC specialises in EU and Competition Law. He regularly appears before the Courts of England and Wales, before the Competition Appeal Tribunal and before the Court of Justice of the European Communities. He also appears at oral hearings before the competition and regulatory authorities.

Appeared in first two Competition Act cases to reach Supreme Court: BCL Old v BASF [2012] UKSC 45; Deutsche Bahn v Morgan Crucible [2014] UKSC 24.  Other cases: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd v MasterCard Incorporated and Ors [2016) CAT 11 in the CAT (interchange fees); Enron Coal Services [2011] EWCA Civ 2 in the Court of Appeal (follow on claim for damages); Case C-457/10P AstraZeneca v Commission judgment 6.12.12 in the European Court of Justice (regulatory abuse of dominant position); Case T-251/12 Freight Forwarding v Commission in the General Court (price fixing cartel); Imperial Tobacco v OFT [2011] CAT 41 in the CAT (vertical price restraints); Hays v OFT [2011] CAT 29 in the CAT (recruitment consultant cartel; reduction of penalty); Kier v OFT [2011] CAT 33in the CAT  (construction cartel: reduction of penalty).

He is editor of “Competition litigation: UK Practice and Procedure” Oxford 2010.

  • What the Directories Say

    Competition: “He has an understated advocacy style” and a “really good nose for how a case should be run.” “In court you can tell that all of the senior competition judges trust his views.” “He breaks down complicated issues for the judge to understand” and “you see all levels of the judiciary paying a lot of attention to him.”Chambers UK, 2020 

    Leading silk in Competition: ‘‘Highly respected.’’Legal 500, 2020

    Ranks highly this year for his extensive experience appearing before English and Welsh courts, as well as the Competition Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Justice of the European Union” – Competition, Who’s Who Legal UK Bar 2019

    Competition: “He has a very powerful instinct for the points that will appeal to a court and an attractive way of presenting arguments in court.”Chambers UK and Chambers Global, 2019

    Leading silk in Aviation: ‘‘Very knowledgeable, is a pleasure to work with and well-liked by clients’’Legal 500, 2018

    Leading silk in Competition: ‘‘A pleasure to work with and well-liked by clients, he has an impressive ability to tailor his advice to his audience, often delivering complex advice with admirable brevity.’’Legal 500, 2018

    Competition: “He has a finely tuned sense of what will play well and an excellent sense of how best to present points.”Chambers UK, 2018

    Leading silk in Aviation: ‘‘First-rate.’’Legal 500, 2017

    Leading silk in Competition: ‘‘He marries expert knowledge with on-point analytical skills.’’Legal 500, 2017

    “Displays all-round excellence in court and in conference.” – Chambers & Partners, 2017

    “Excellent on his feet, clear-thinking and user-friendly.” – Chambers & Partners Global, 2016

    “A first-rate individual.”  – Legal 500, 2016

    “Tremendous; one of the top subject matter experts.” – Legal 500, 2016

    “He “brings to the conduct of any case an intellectual originality that combines market-leading legal expertise with flair,”” – Chambers & Partners, 2013

    “easy to work with and enormously impressive” – Legal 500, 2012

    “Another standout silk at the set is Mark Brealey QC. He attracts strong praise from sources for his “pragmatic and commercial” approach and for the fact that he is “collegiate in his approach and a very good team player.”” – Chambers & Partners, 2012

    “Mark Brealey QC ‘leads in competition law damages claims’ and ‘demonstrates an intelligent and balanced approach that attracts both judges and clients'” – Legal 500, 2011

    “Mark Brealey QC impresses as one of the most popular barristers for both competition and EU law. “His reputation as a superbly clear and concise advocate is richly deserved,” sources say.” – Chambers & Partners, 2011

    “A leading figure in follow-on damages cases, Mark Brealey QC has had ‘a number of recent successes'” – Legal 500, 2010

    “Mark Brealey QC is “a subtle advocate who commands the respect of the court.”” – Chambers & Partners, 2010

    “The ‘formidably intellectual, imaginative and compelling” advocate Mark Brealey QC'” – Chambers & Partners, 2010

    “Mark Brealey QC offers ‘lateral thinking'”  – Legal 500, 2009


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