Teachers threaten to sue over return to work

15 May 2020 By Imogen Proud

The teachers’ union NASUWT has threatened to sue local authorities if its members are forced to return to school without the same PPE given to NHS staff. The union said it has “fundamental concerns” about the government’s 1 June timetable for re-opening schools. The cause of action is said to be “breach of duty of care and personal injury due to foreseeable risk, and any other legal recourse available”.

The complexity here is that, in forming policy, the government must weigh the duties rightly owed to teachers against the harms which are accruing during the period of school closure, particularly to the most vulnerable children (see my earlier blog post). It seems the union’s answer is that the provision of the requisite PPE is the best route to a fair balance.

The Guardian is covering this story here.