Ian Rogers QC and Raymond Hill – final British advocates to appear before CJEU during the UK transition period

29 Dec 2020

While Monckton Chambers has always been proud to be one of the leading sets of EU law chambers, on December 8th two of its members set a new record for being last. Ian Rogers QC and Raymond Hill were the final British advocates to appear before the Court of Justice in Luxembourg during the UK transition period.

Ian and Raymond represented the UK in Case C-213/19 Commission v. United Kingdom, which is an infraction proceeding brought by the Commission claiming that the UK is responsible for losses of customs duties and VAT own resources caused by the fraudulent undervaluation of imports of Chinese textiles and footwear into the EU via UK ports. The Commission is seeking an order for approximately 2.7 billion euro, plus interest.

Although this case is likely to be one of the last UK cases to be heard by the CJEU, both Ian and Raymond remain eligible to appear before the CJEU as Irish qualified barristers. And Monckton Chambers is heavily involved in the legal effects of the new relationship between the UK-EU set out in the Withdrawal and Trade and Cooperation Agreements.  See EU Relations Law Blog.