Public law and the EU


24 Apr, 2023    
10:00am - 6:00pm

Event Type

This in person event is presented in partnership with Public Law Project and Allen and Overy.

Main themes: European legislation, courts and rights still impact British jurisdictions. This event looks at changes to British constitutional paradigms post-Brexit, and the effects of European Union law on data protection, privacy, equality law, human rights law, and immigration in the United Kingdom.  

Who this event is for:  

  • Lawyers seeking to gain knowledge about the ongoing relationship between European and British jurisdictions 
  • Civil society campaigners, policy people and journalists bringing human rights challenges under the Convention
  • Those in Government working on transitioning European legislation 
  • Researchers and academics working on constitutional questions arising out of Brexit 

Speakers include: George Peretz KC, Jack Williams, Khatija Hafesji, Ciar McAndrew and Will Perry.

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