PROCURING HEALTHY OUTCOMES: The challenge for Public Procurement Law


20 Nov, 2017    
5:00pm - 7:00pm


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A High-Level Workshop to discuss the Challenges and Opportunities facing Public Procurement Policy and Legal Structures in the Health Sector worldwide. Core questions to be addressed will include questions as to how to ensure high standards of probity, good governance and market efficiency goals such as those required by EU and WTO law while also ensure that procurement supports or drives healthy outcomes, innovation and sound responses to development policy.

Participants will include:

Professor Geo Quinot, Vice Dean, Faculty of Law; Professor Department of Public law, Stellenbosch University

Gabriella M Racca, Full Professor of Administrative Law and Deputy Director of the Department of Management, University of Turin

Professor Dermot Cahill, Chair in Commercial Law at Bangor University; Dean of Bangor Law School and Founding Director of the Bangor Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies (ICPS).

Abby Semple, Principal Consultant, Public Procurement Analysis and author of “A Practical Guide to Public Procurement” OUP

Moderator, Michael Bowsher QC, Visiting Professor, Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London and Director of the Postgraduate Diploma & Masters in Public Procurement Regulation in the EU and in its Global Context delivered by The Centre of European Law

The workshop will be followed by a drinks reception.

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