26th Annual IBA Competition Conference


9 Sep, 2022 - 10 Sep, 2022    
All day

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Daniel Beard QC is pleased to be speaking at this weeks conference presented by the IBA Antitrust Section in Florence, Italy.

Topics of the conference include:

  • Competition policy: what are its goals, where are its limits?
  • Digital economy – has Europe gone too far or not far enough? Will others follow, and what’s next?
  • Abuse of dominance after Intel – is enforcement dead in the water?
  • The new frontier of collective actions – can Europe avoid the pitfalls experienced in the United States and elsewhere?
  • Merger control – new and bigger nets to catch more fish?

Daniel will be speaking on 10 September, discussing “Abuse of dominance after Intel – is enforcement dead in the water?” 


  • Kyriakos Fountoukakos – Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, Brussels, Belgium; Vice Chair, Antitrust Section
  • Janet Hui – JunHe LLP, Beijing, China; Senior Vice Chair, Antitrust Section


  • Oliver Bethell – Google UK
  • Daniel Beard QC – Monckton Chambers, London
  • Matt Hunt – AlixPartners, London
  • Dr Petra Linsmeier – Gleiss Lutz, Munich

The panel will look at the implications of the European Union (EU) General Court’s 2022 Intel judgment on enforcement of rebates and abuse of dominance more generally. The judgment resulted in a complete annulment of the European Commission’s decision that had found Intel’s rebates anticompetitive and found that the Commission must perform an effects-based analysis which, in this case, didn’t reach the requisite standard. Has the Court made the standard of proof so strict that the Commission can no longer pursue such conduct except in exceptional, very clear-cut circumstances? Must the Commission always apply an ‘As Efficient Competitor’ test? Does this law only apply in situations of rebates or does it extend to any unilateral conduct? What are the implications for future enforcement? What is the relevant experience in other jurisdictions? The panel will examine the implications of the judgment in Europe and beyond.

You can view all conference details here.