What’s All The Fuss About? Brexit and UK Competition Law. #100 in the ABA “Our Curious Amalgam” Podcast series

02 Feb 2021
Anneli Howard KC

Anneli Howard, joins Matthew Hall and John Roberti in this podcast to discuss the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, WTO subsidy rules, Northern Ireland Protocol and the implications for competition and state aid under the new legal regime. Listen to this episode to learn more about the present and future for these areas of law in the UK and the EU.

The podcast is part of the American Bar Association (ABA) of the Our Curious Amalgam series which explores topics in antitrust, competition, consumer protection, data protection, and privacy law around the world with leading experts in those areas. It is an amalgam because it is a group of diverse topics all in one place. It is curious because it gets the experts and asks them in-depth questions.

You can access the podcast here.