Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Investigative Immunity of Police

29 Jul 2014

On 28-29 July a seven-judge panel of the Supreme Court heard a landmark case concerning the potential scope of the civil liability of police forces under Article 2, ECHR and/or negligence.

The case was brought by the surviving relatives of Joanna Michael, a woman who was killed by an abusive partner, who had threatened to kill her. Ms. Michael made an emergency call which the family claim was mishandled. Tragically, Ms. Michael was killed before a police emergency response.

The question facing the Supreme Court is two-fold: Whether it is arguable that the police were liable in negligence or in relation to article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights in respect of Miss Michael’s death following the alleged mishandled response to her 999 call.

Conor McCarthy acted as junior counsel for Welsh Women’s Aid, intervenors in the case.

Further information on the case and its background is available  here: