Planes, trains and automobiles (not to mention buses, taxis, ships and even hovercraft) and the infrastructures which support them raise a variety of issues, involving often complex and changing regulatory provisions.  Members of Monckton Chambers are very familiar with such issues.  Indeed, the transport sector is a growing part of our practice, in part as a result of policies of privatisation and liberalisation, with the opportunity of mergers which may threaten competition and the continuing search by regulators to promote more competition between infrastructure owners or to require infrastructure owners to meet prescribed standards of performance.

Moreover, this is a sector where State subsidies are scrutinised under the State aid rules, thereby bringing together aspects of competition law, utility regulation and State aid in a single case.  Our experience means that we can and do, help with a huge range of legal issues.  We help those operating in the transport sector with advice and representation in relation to matters arising in the areas of regulatory, commercial, competition, EU and public law.