Piers Gardner addresses ILA 2010 on Human Rights of and in Companies

18 Aug 2010

The International Law Association’s 74th Conference is being held in the Hague from 15 to 20 August 2010 at the invitation of the Netherlands Society of International Law, to mark the latter’s centenary. Piers Gardner of Monckton Chambers joined a distinguished panel of academic and practitioner speakers from Australia, the Netherlands, Ukraine and USA in the conference’s  session devoted to  ‘Integrating Human Rights in Civil Cases’, which compared reliance on human rights based arguments in commercial arbitrations, international proceedings and civil claims before domestic courts. Piers spoke on the protection of the rights of and in companies by the European Court of Human Rights and compared the rights enjoyed by companies themselves with the rights of shareholders and other stakeholders in respect of a company’s affairs, especially in the event of insolvency, liquidation and receivership.

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