Philip Moser QC on Advisory Committee as ELI adopts Model Rules for AI decision-making

04 Mar 2022
Philip Moser KC

The European Law Institute (ELI) has adopted “Model Rules on Impact Assessment of Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems Used by Public Administration.”

Philip Moser QC acted on the Advisory Committee to the Project.

The advance of automation and of artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly affects public law decision making in different legal systems. Thus, the operative decision may have been made by an algorithm, or some other form of automated decision-making, rather than a human being. Some systems also make provision for the algorithm to learn and develop. The existence of such automated systems poses novel problems for both public and private law. The ELI’s Model Rules are a suggestion for the regulation and management of AI decision-making in the legal sphere.

The Model Rules are available for free download here.

A webinar on the outcomes of the ELI project will be held on 13 April 2022 from 12:00–13:30 CET. The webinar will be open to the public and is free of charge.