OFT clearance of the anticipated acquisition by Digital Healthcare Limited of Orion Imaging Limited

03 Aug 2011

The parties are both providers of Digital Retinal Screening Software (DRSS) to the UK’s diabetic retinopathy screening programmes.  The aim of diabetic retinopathy screening is to reduce the risk of sight loss among people with diabetes. The screening programme involves a systematic annual screening of all diabetic patients aged 12 or over, using digital photography of the retina, followed by a two or three-stage image grading process to identify the changes of sight threatening retinopathy in the retina.   The OFT has concluded that the merger is not expected to lead to a substantial lessening of competition within a DRSS market or markets in the United Kingdom and has today published its clearance decision.

Ben Rayment was directly instructed by the parties to represent them before the OFT.

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