New joint Heads for Monckton Chambers – Tim Ward QC and Philip Moser QC take over from Paul Lasok QC

29 Mar 2016

After 14 years as Head of Monckton Chambers, 10 of which as sole Head, Paul Lasok QC is stepping down and handing over the leadership to Tim Ward QC and Philip Moser QC, to lead the set in the next phase of its development. The new joint Heads of Monckton Chambers were elected following a full membership vote.

Under Paul Lasok’s direction, Monckton Chambers has grown substantially, trebling its fee income in 10 years from £9.5m in 2006 to a current reported turnover of £29.7m. The last twelve months have seen a particularly significant leap with an increase in turnover of a record £8M. The change at the top is taking place not only on a financial high but it is also appropriately timed in that it is almost 20 years to the day since Monckton Chambers was established under its current name.

Paul Lasok hands over the reins of an established practice of 59 members, 16 of whom are Silks, with recognised core strengths in particular in Competition, Admin & Public Law, EU, Procurement and Indirect Tax. He has led members to appreciate the need to deal with shifting expectations and work to client demands; perhaps the greatest evidence of this is the way Monckton Chambers has embraced Direct Access so that it now accounts for 40% of all fees.

Philip Moser comments “Monckton Chambers has been tremendously served by Paul Lasok. He has established a collegiate ethos by which each member of chambers knows that individual success rests on the success of chambers as a whole. All members have benefited from his wisdom and his leadership.”

Tim Ward comments “I am looking forward to working with Philip and everyone at Monckton Chambers to building upon the undoubted success Paul Lasok has helped members of chambers to achieve over the past 14 years.”

Tim Ward and Philip Moser take over as joint Heads of Chambers with effect from Monday 14 March. Paul Lasok remains in full time practice at Monckton Chambers.