New blog for EU Relations Law

02 Jun 2020 By Alan Bates, Jack Williams

As a subscriber to the Monckton Chambers Brexit Blog, we thought that you might be interested in a new website and blog founded by members of Monckton Chambers.

As you will, of course, be aware, Brexit formally took place on 31 January 2020. No longer an EU Member State, the UK’s relationship with the EU has altered fundamentally. Now that Brexit has happened, this requires a forward-looking shift to consider the new legal position after Brexit.

With that in mind, members of Monckton Chambers have launched a new website blog, covering EU Relations Law.

EU Relations Law represents the new, developing area of law (distinct from EU law) concerning the specific arrangements between the UK and the EU post-Brexit, covering all aspects of the new legal relationship between the parties. This includes the potential for private parties to assert rights and/or bring claims based on legal agreements concluded between the UK and EU. It also includes the potential for legal disputes between the EU and UK. The implementation and transposition of the new arrangements also gives rise to potential disputes.

The new website explores all areas of EU Relations Law from both international and domestic law perspectives, including:

  • the meaning and application of the Withdrawal Agreement;
  • the UK and EU implementations of the Withdrawal Agreement;
  • the Northern Ireland Protocol;
  • the Future Relationship Agreements;
  • case comments on relevant judgments and opinions; and
  • legislative changes and analysis of their implications.

You can visit the website at, where you can also subscribe to receive new blog posts by e-mail. The website is maintained and edited by Alan Bates and Jack Williams. Blog posts are written by subject specialist barristers at Monckton Chambers, academics, policy experts, regulatory officials and solicitors. The site is aimed at all those interested in the law post-Brexit, including: solicitors, academics, students, regulators, policy experts, and in-house clients.

In due course this Chambers Brexit blog will be phased out. We very much hope that you will join the conversation concerning the new legal arrangements between the UK and EU, EU Relations Law, by subscribing to the new site.