Monckton Chambers excel once again in Chambers UK Bar 2024 guide launch

19 Oct 2023

Chambers UK Bar today launched their 2024 guide and Monckton Chambers is delighted to see a total of 144 rankings across 23 practice areas. We are pleased to see 5 new entries into the tables with 24 improved rankings including 2 new star individuals and 2 members recognised as ‘up and coming’. Congratulations to all members listed.

Monckton has once again been recognised as a Band 1 set for 5 areas:

  • Competition ‘renowned for its superb ability in complex competition law mandates across a breadth of key areas. Members regularly appear before the CAT, the UK appellate courts and the European Court of Justice, representing clients on both sides of infringement decision appeals and follow-on damages claims, as well as a number of high-profile collective action proceedings. The set also stands out for the frequency with which its members represent major parties in disputed merger proceedings. Members further advise key UK public bodies, including acting as standing counsel to regulators, and defending both UK and European competition authorities in disputed cartel investigations. The set has seen members active in many of the leading cases.’
  • EU law ‘Many of Monckton Chambers’ key areas of practice are grounded in its members’ superb understanding of EU law principles. The UK government frequently instructs barristers from the chambers in cases concerning state aid, European Commission cartel decisions, taxation and customs. The barristers additionally represent corporations and individuals in matters of the types listed above, and in litigation relating to industry sector regulation, free movement, data protection and other issues.’
  • Telecoms regulation Monckton Chambers handles the full spread of telecommunications law work and is particularly well known for its strength in competition cases. It is a strong choice for advice on reforming telecoms legislation and for representation in regulatory disputes, and further boasts intellectual property expertise, having appeared in numerous key cases relating to standard-essential patents in the technology sector. Its members have noted EU law expertise and are known for their adroit handling of EU competition law cases, as well as their superior advice on EU regulatory frameworks. The barristers’ clients include significant telecoms companies, content providers, and both UK and overseas regulatory bodies including Ofcom.’
  • Public procurement ‘Monckton Chambers is an esteemed chambers which undertakes the full sweep of procurement cases on both the advisory and contentious fronts. The set receives instructions from tenderers and contracting authorities alike, and can assist with all stages of the procurement process. Members have experience in a variety of areas, from health and transport to utilities and IT. They are “nationally renowned for procurement work and have a great depth and range of expertise,” according to an interviewee
  • Indirect Tax ‘Monckton Chambers is a first-rate set known for its extensive work across the full gamut of indirect taxation disputes. Chambers frequently acts for the Revenue and for taxpayers in cases relating to VAT, anti-dumping charges, input and exit taxes and landfill taxes, among others. Members regularly appear at all levels of the court and tribunal system, and routinely handle cases before the Supreme Court and the ECJ.’

The Set has also been ranked in a further 6 areas:

  • Administrative and public law
  • Community Care
  • Civil Liberties
  • Data protection
  • Group Litigation
  • Sport

Individual members were also recognised as “Leading Individuals” in an additional 12 practice areas:

  • Animal Law
  • Aviation
  • CDR London
  • Consumer Law
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Immigration
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Local Government
  • Regulatory
  • Social Housing

Congratulations also to our clerking team who are again highly praised in this year’s guide as follows:

  • “The clerking team is always responsive and impressive and seems to play a key role in business development at the chambers, which it does very well.”
  • “Monckton’s clerking team has always been highly responsive and has provided excellent service levels.”
  • “The clerks at Monckton are always available and approachable. They have a good understanding of the underlying issues and are able to give informed recommendations. They are very nice to deal with.”
  • “David Hockney is a very responsive and helpful clerk. He is very useful in getting us the right people for our case.”
  • “John Keegan really gets it and does a good job.”
  • “David Hockney, John Keegan and the rest of the clerking team are first rate; they are reliable, accessible and accurate.”
  • “The clerking team helped me to actively manage the work and relationship with counsel at a time when counsel was travelling internationally a lot.”
  • “The clerks at Monckton are the best and have been consistently so over the years. They know their barristers’ practices really well and are very responsive.”
  • “The clerks are always constructive in fee discussions and have assisted with the lodging of documents when we have really been up against a tight deadline. They go above and beyond the call of duty.”

You can view the full list of Monckton Chambers’ rankings here.