Paul Harris QC leads for claimants in Merricks v Mastercard: Collective proceedings in competition law revitalised by Court of Appeal

17 Apr 2019
Paul Harris KC

Walter Hugh Merricks CBE v Mastercard Inc

On 16 April 2019, the Court of Appeal allowed Mr Merrick’s appeal from the Competition Appeal Tribunal’s (“CAT”) refusal to grant a collective proceedings order (“CPO”). The CAT’s order is, accordingly, set aside and the application for certification is remitted to the CAT for a re-hearing.

Paul Harris QC leads on behalf of the claimants in Walter Hugh Merricks CBE v Mastercard Inc. instructed by Quinn Emanuel, lead partner, Boris Bronfentrinker.

Click here for the judgment.

The case has been covered by the press including The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC and The Lawyer.

A case note, written by Jack Williams can be viewed here.