Legal Implications of UK exit from the European Union

16 Apr 2015

After the General Election, an In/Out Referendum may be held on UK membership of the EU. If the British electorate votes to leave the EU, the legal implications would be very significant. The issues would affect governments of the EU (including the UK) , businesses, lawyers  and individuals. Yet there has been comparatively little attention paid to a topic that could have such major impacts.

Monckton Chambers is one of London’s best-known sets of chambers working in the EU Law field.

Yesterday, Christopher Muttukumaru CB, former General Counsel to the UK Department for Transport and Legal Director across a number of other departments within the UK Government, with ultimate responsibility for providing strategic advice directly to Ministers, and a member of Monckton Chambers, gave a lecture to the Dutch Academy of Legislation on the Legal Implications of British Exit. He covered issues such as:

  1. Options for the UK at the EU level;
  2. Implications for other EU governments;
  3. The meaning of Article 50/TEU;
  4. The domestic legal and constitutional implications in the UK;
  5. The questions that businesses and lawyers need to address.

Also, Ian Rogers QC will be delivering a guest lecture at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary on Friday 24 April 2015 for The Department of Legal Studies and the Center for European Union Research, entitled Exit Stage Right: Human Rights, “Brexit” and EU law after the UK General Election. The lecture will be Chaired by Sejal Parmar, Assistant Professor, Department of Legal Studies. Further details for those who wish to attend can be found here.