Leading Set Recommendations

09 Nov 2007

Chambers UK continues to highlight us as a leading set for Competition, EU, Procurement, Tax and Telecommunications with further recommendations in Admin & Public Law, Construction, Environment and Sport.

Just a few quotes are “Universally acknowledged to be ‘one of the best sets in the UK’ Monckton Chambers is firmly established as a formidable competition and antitrust powerhouse” and “…One interviewee suggested that ‘the set currently seems to have a real edge, both because of the breadth and depth of the talent and because of its responsiveness” and “Lauded as ‘the specialists’, Monckton Chambers is the most experienced set in the public procurement arena and boasts 16 members with some form of expertise in this area.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their continuous support. Without them, these recommendations would just not be possible.