Ian Rogers takes Silk

19 Feb 2014

Monckton Chambers is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Rogers to Queen’s Counsel. Ian will be formally appointed by the Lord Chancellor on 14 April 2014.

Called to the Bar in 1995, Ian has vast expertise in his specialist fields of public law, human rights, EU and employment law. Novel cases raising issues under the Human Rights Act are a particular strength of his practice. Much of his advisory, drafting and advocacy work is in the commercial sphere.

He has recently appeared in the Supreme Court, Court of Justice of the European Union, EFTA Court, Court of Appeal and Isle of Man courts. In these courts he has secured pensions for part-time judges (O’Brien v Ministry of Justice); defended the tobacco display bans in the UK and Norway (Imperial Tobacco v Secretary of State for Health, Philip Morris v Norway) and the UK cigarette vending machine ban (Sinclair Collis v Secretary of State for Health); and resisted a free movement challenge to the monopoly on ferry services between the Isle of Man and the UK (Seaside Shipping v Steam Packet Company).

Ian is now returning from a period of research on one of his particular interests: the field of commercial “human” rights and how businesses may rely on corporate privacy and property rights to protect their commercially sensitive information. This work links a number of his cases in the fields of procurement, information law, competition, civil procedure, whistle-blowing, surveillance, industrial espionage and mutual legal assistance.

Directories have recommended Ian in the fields of European and Competition Law, Public and Administrative Law, Civil Liberties and Human Rights, and Media, Entertainment and Sport. They have applauded him as being “brilliant, diligent, and ever-helpful”, and for his ability to “get to the heart of an issue quickly” and “provide clear and concise” advice. He has been commended for being “particularly adept at handling free movement of goods matters”, for having “argued innovative points of EU law before the Supreme Court several times” and for “playing to chambers’ recognised strength on all European law matters. This includes strength in ECHR litigation.”

Members and staff warmly congratulate Ian on his success.