High Court rejects Article 6 challenge to the independence of the Parking Adjudicators.

22 Jun 2009

R(Herron) v Parking Adjudicator (Sunderland City Council as Interested Party), 15 June 2009

“Last week, Mr Justice Keith heard a claim that the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (formerly known as the National Parking Adjudication Service) was not independent and impartial, within the meaning of Article 6 ECHR.

His Lordship refused to give permission for the ECHR claim to proceed to a full Judicial Review hearing, saying that he was entirely satisfied that the claim was not arguable. At a previous oral hearing before Mrs Justice Dobbs, the Claimant had been permitted to amend his claim to plead a failure to give adequate reasons, but Mr Justice Keith also refused permission to apply for Judicial Review on this ground. The Parking Adjudicator resisted the human rights and reasons challenges, but adopted a neutral stance at the permission stage on a point of statutory construction, involving the principles of substantial compliance and the effect of deficiencies in traffic signs and road markings in controlled parking zones. The claim will proceed to a substantive Judicial Review hearing on the statutory construction issue alone.”

Ian Rogers appeared for the Parking Adjudicator.

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