Gerry Facenna KC leading on claim against Facebook over ‘surveillance advertising’

25 Nov 2022
Gerry Facenna KC

Meta, the owner of Facebook, is facing a claim in the UK High Court that Facebook’s model of “surveillance advertising” breaches the right to object under Article 21 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (“UK GDPR”). The claimant Tanya O’Carroll is an independent expert and tech campaigner and is seeking to establish that users of Facebook and other social media platforms have the right to use those services while being able to opt out of being profiled and having their personal information used for targeted advertising.

Gerry Facenna KC is leading on the claim for Tanya O’Carroll, instructed by the law firm and digital rights agency AWO. The claim is supported by the Global philanthropic organisation Luminate.

The case has been reported in the national and international press:
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