Would you like to know more about the legal implications of possible British exit from the EU?


24 Jun, 2015    


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336-337 Strand, London, Greater London, WC2R 1HA

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Legal Implications of possible British exit from the European Union

This is the first of two events designed to help practitioners in the public and private sectors , as well as businesses and opinion-formers, to understand the legal framework within which decisions will be taken on possible British exit from the EU.

A second, day-long workshop will take place in the autumn.

Chair: Sir Stephen Laws, KCB, QC, LLD, formerly First Parliamentary Counsel.


A. Pre-Brexit legal issues

What is the legal framework applicable in the context of possible British Exit (Brexit)?

A  brief description of the legal framework (including Article 50/Treaty on European Union) within which strategic decisions will need to be made by businesses, lawyers and opinion formers on possible British exit from the EU.  What might be achievable without treaty change; and what might not? Subsidiarity and regulatory reform.

Christopher Muttukumaru CB

Brexit, the EU Charter and human rights: implications of the repeal of the Human Rights Act

Repeal of the Human Rights Act and enactment of a British Bill of Rights . The implications of repeal for continuing adherence to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Ian Rogers QC

Key concerns in respect of migration and of citizenship

Key early concerns to address: (a) abuse of rights (including benefits tourism); (b)  EU citizenship rights  for non-UK nationals and for UK nationals(including free movement of workers); (c) asylum.

Paul Lasok QC


Audience questions on pre-Brexit issues


B. Post-Brexit legal issues for early consideration

UK access to the Internal Market: Competition and procurement

Post-Brexit questions  for the future of UK access to  the Internal Market –application of cross cutting rules of Competition Law , including state aid,  and Procurement Law. The role of national regulators and  EU regulators.

George Peretz QC, Philip Moser QC and Anneli Howard

Free movement of goods: leaving the customs union and the common commercial policy

Free movement of goods; the future of the Common Commercial Policy; the future of the Customs Union

Peter Oliver


Attendees’  questions on post Brexit issues


C.  Panel and attendees’ session: including how Brexit would affect the approach of the domestic courts?


Next steps: influencing thinking


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