Global Law Summit


24 Feb, 2015    
7:45am - 8:45am


Downing College
Regent Street, Cambridge, CB2 1DQ

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Michael Bowsher QC will be speaking at the Global Law Summit on 24th February.

Michael will be speaking at the breakfast session on Law as a Driver for Integrity and Development in Government Procurement.

Session Details

In order to meet its social and economic goals, the state must not only promote the creation of resources and raise funds from those resources.  The state must then ensure that those resources are used in a manner that efficiently and effectively develops its social and political goals, while also ensuring that there is protection against the inevitable threats that those resources will squandered, misused or diverted.   An effective procurement law system must provide for appropriate development, yet also maintain standards of integrity.

This session will consider the diverse approaches taken in worldwide procurement regulation in balancing the promotion of integrity in public purchasing with the state’s social and other goals.

The session will look at the worldwide challenges and compare the effects of regulatory achievements and failings in jurisdictions that have had procurement regimes for some time (such as the US and EU) with areas where procurement regulation is newer and perhaps more innovative.  A comparison with the UK experience will then be drawn.  The UK had little tradition of procurement regulation until accession to the EU and the speakers will consider how this regulatory environment was integrated into the legal order, and how far it has affected the standards of public procurement.  The speakers from each of the home UK Bars will look in particular at the effect of the judicial system upon public expenditure and the legality of that expenditure.


  • Professor Christopher Yukins, Lynn David Research Professor in Government Procurement Law, The George Washington University (Opening presentation)
  • Michael Bowsher QC, England & Wales (Moderator)
  • Alistair Clark QC, Scotland
  • Michael Humphreys QC, Northern Ireland

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