The ECHR at 60

17 Nov 2010

The European Convention on Human Rights was signed in Rome sixty years ago. Its signature, and the role played in its drafting by prominent British lawyers, including Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe, the rapporteur to the drafting of the Convention, is to be marked by a dinner at Gray’s Inn on Friday 19 November.

The European Court of Human Rights has dedicated a new part of its website to marking the sixtieth anniversary of the Convention (see http://human-rights-convention.org/). Amongst the dozen ‘Landmark cases’ identified by the Court are two, Soering v UK and Krenz and others v Germany,  in which Piers Gardner of Monckton Chambers appeared for the applicants. Members of Monckton Chambers have been instructed (for applicants, whether individuals or States, or the Respondent Governments) in 26 cases currently before the European Court of Human Rights including Georgia v Russia, Nada v Switzerland, Uzan v Turkey, Yukos Oil Company v Russia, Gontmakher v RussiaRywin v Poland, Habibi v UK, Hode & Abdi v UK and JM v UK.

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