Mini pupillage

Our principal aim in offering mini pupillages at Monckton Chambers is to provide prospective applicants for pupillage with an introduction to us and the work that we do. As a mini pupil, you can  experience the culture and atmosphere of Chambers to get a sense of whether you would enjoy working here.

Our mini pupillage programme does not include formal assessment and is not a compulsory part of our pupillage selection process. The main focus of mini pupillage is on you finding out about us, but it is nonetheless also valuable for us to find out more about you. We therefore strongly encourage all those with a real and viable interest in pupillage at Monckton to apply.

Mini pupillages normally last 2 days. During this time mini pupils will usually spend time with at least two members of Chambers so that they can see a variety of work at different levels. We will do our best to accommodate requests to see particular areas of practice.

Our mini pupillage programme is intended for people who are in their final year reading law, who have already graduated with a law degree, or who have graduated with a non-law degree and have already commenced the Graduate Diploma in Law. Mini pupillage for GDL students is typically more fruitful once they have studied at least some law.

Mini pupillages generally take place during October to March and are only available during the court terms.

Numbers are limited and competition is accordingly fierce. Candidates are selected strictly on merit on the basis of their application form. The criteria for selection are intellectual ability, promise in oral and written advocacy and an interest in Monckton Chambers.

We are committed to providing equality of opportunity. As part of that commitment, Monckton will reimburse mini-pupils for their reasonable travel and accommodation expenses up to a maximum of £250.

Applications for mini pupillages from October – December 2019. This process has now closed.

The deadline for applications for mini pupillages for January – March 2020. This process has now closed.

Please download and complete the application form and return to