“Bloodgate” Ban Disproportionate

21 Jan 2011

Physiotherapist Stephen Brennan has today (21 January) won his appeal against the decision of the Health Professions Council (“HPC”) to strike his name from the register of physiotherapists after his involvement in what has become known as the “bloodgate” scandal. Mr Brennan admitted a total of five instances of being involved in faking blood injuries by providing rugby players with fake blood capsules to gain an unfair sporting advantage.

In September 2010 the HPC decided that Mr Brennan was unfit to practice and his name was struck off. Paul Harris, counsel to Mr Brennan, said that Mr Brennan would face sanctions for his actions, but that the “one strike and you’re out for good” approach was of “gross severity” and was disproportionate. Today, at the High Court Mr Justice Ouseley quashed the decision against Mr Brennan and ordered the HPC to reconsider the case.

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