Anneli Howard advises on first formal CAA investigation under the Transport Act 2000

04 Aug 2017

Anneli Howard, as Standing Counsel for the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), helped to coordinate the year-long investigation, evidence analysis and consultation process in response to complaints from Ryanair and Stansted Airport that staff shortages in NATS (En Route) Plc (NERL), the UK’s largest air traffic controller, was responsible for flight delays at Stansted Airport in 2016. Using its mandatory investigatory powers for the first time under section 34 of the Transport Act 2000, the CAA concluded that no compliance breach had been found in terms of the air traffic controller’s licence obligations, but did make recommendations for enhancements to NERL’s business practices, which include improving the resilience of its operations and contingency planning. In addition the CAA committed to increase its own oversight of NERL to address resilience issues.

See CAA news release here.