4th edition of ‘EU Merger Regulation: Substantive Issues’ published

22 Oct 2012

The new 4th edition of ‘EU Merger Regulation: Substantive Issues’ by Alistair Lindsay and Alison Berridge of Monckton Chambers has been published.

‘EU Merger Regulation: Substantive Issues’ provides a detailed guide to the analysis of mergers by the European Commission. Fully revised for 2012, the comprehensive text describes how the Commission determines whether to approve a notified concentration, providing all the necessary information and techniques to secure clearance for mergers in the EU.

It is an essential read for any lawyer or regulator involved in the approval process, providing the most comprehensive and navigable guide available to the substantive analysis at the heart of EU merger control. The text includes a wide-ranging review of the Commission’s decisional practice, guidance and other publications, decisions of the European Courts, economic thinking and international comparisons to provide authoritative guidance on:

  • The legal context in which the Commission’s analysis is carried out
  • The way in which fundamental concepts such as market definition, market operation and the Commission’s forward-looking analysis are applied
  • The theories of harm likely to be raised against a merger and relevant counter-arguments and defences
  • The economic theories underlying the Commission’s analysis
  • The categories of evidence canvassed before the Commission
  • The types of remedies accepted to deal with specific issues

The 4th edition also analyses new developments including the approach taken by the new European Commission (as of 2010) and the influence of the revised US horizontal merger guidelines.

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