Construction & Real Estate

Monckton Chambers provides services to clients in the construction and real estate industries across a number of practice areas.

As the leading set in the field of public procurement, members act for contractors and developers, as well as contracting authorities, in relation to the public procurement of works contracts.  Members are involved in complex construction projects, particularly in PFI and mixed construction and services arrangements.  Members also frequently advise on the application of procurement and state aid law to these and land-related transactions.  Many members have assisted construction firms with investigations into alleged anti-competitive behaviour in the construction industry (bid rigging and cover pricing).

Members have significant experience advising on the VAT implications of land and property transactions.  Several members have expertise in environmental law and are therefore able to advise in relation to environmental impact assessments, planning requirements, environmental permitting and liability for contaminated land.  In addition, several members have substantial experience of construction litigation, arbitration and adjudication for both employers and contractors.