George Peretz QC quoted in PaRR

01 Dec 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

George Peretz QC quoted in “UK raid warrant challenge ruling could exert ‘chilling effect’ on CMA – lawyers” (24 November 2017) and “EFTA Court president touts UK ‘docking’ to courtas post-Brexit dispute mechanism” (27 November 2017). To read the articles please click here.

George Peretz QC – UK Trade Forum blog

16 Oct 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

TRADE DEFENCE INSTRUMENTS: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TRADE DEFENCE INSTRUMENTS: ISSUES FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM POST-BREXIT The UKTF is an independent and non-partisan group of trade policy experts from various backgrounds – law, civil service, journalism, academia, civil society – committed to improving the quality of public debate about international trade and investment policy in the […]

Kassie Smith QC – GCR Live – 6th October 2017

09 Oct 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

Speaking at GCR Live London, Kassie Smith QC of Monckton Chambers said there was a need for certainty about whether English judgments would still be enforceable in the rest of Europe once Brussels’ “Recast” rules, which ensure judgments between EU members states are recognised and enforced, fall away after Brexit. To read the full reportage […]

Peter Oliver, Radio 4’s the Today programme

30 Aug 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

Peter Oliver spoke on the Today programme on BBC radio 4 briefly explaining the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU in Cassis de Dijon which helped define the Single Market. To listen to the full programme please click here.

The Times – Grenfell: the legal tasks ahead – Michael Bowsher QC comments on the procurement law aspects

23 Jun 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

Public Procurement and Construction law specialist Michael Bowsher QC contributed to today’s article in The Times, written by Jonathan Ames which envisages that procurement law specialists will also be involved in the inquiry to the tragedy: “Michael Bowsher, QC, of Monckton Chambers, acknowledges that discussion is speculative at present, but highlights several likely issues. The […]

Michael Bowsher QC speaks to GBC News about Brexit negotiations

31 May 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

Michael Bowsher QC speaks to Jonathan Sacramento, News Editor of GBC News (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation) about how Gibraltar and the UK will have to see out the Brexit negotiations before they can make decisions on how European Legislation can be transposed to other institutions under the British Crown. Michael was a guest of the Middle […]